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    1. Reading With My Eyes Shut

      by , 02-22-2011 at 12:54 PM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      The first dream began outside my friend's old house. I'm at the bottom of the hill, when I find an old and very rusty watch. It had a small key with it that went into the back. I bring it home and try to unlock it. It doesn't unlock, so I jam a screwdriver into the back.
      I'm at school, outside my lockers again. The watch looks different. It now is shiny, and it glows. I show everyone how it has strange little mechanicals under the glass. I drop the key somewhere and can't find it. I look up to find my teacher, Mr T, passing it to me with a grin on his face.
      I'm in a new building I've never been in before, still with the watch. It now has a large wide-screen on it which has a red button on it to the left. I press it to see what it does. Two people pop up on the screen, kissing. I then realise it's a porno button. "That's odd," I think, and do the nose-plug RC. For a moment, everything is in third person and I'm watching myself do the RC. The first few times my hands slip, but then I get it right, and I become lucid. Although I was lucid, it was a very low level of lucidity.
      I turn around and see a window the size of the wall. The sky is completely blue, and there's a great big beach-city below me. I'm at least 100 floors up. I turn back around and see two people. One dares me to jump off. I say I'll parachute down. I think the dream ended either then and there, or a few moments later just as I jumped.

      Second dream (this was one of those dreams that made no sense whatsoever): I'm in my bedroom. In my cupboard I have lots of board games in a black vertical board game rack. I really loved owning them all. A black tower, the same height and diameter as my board game stack, appears in the middle of my room. I'm concerned that it's going to replace my board games.

      Third dream:I'm in my bed, but I'm in the top bunk instead of the bottom. I become lucid straight away. The first thing I notice is how dark it is (darkness is much more scary in dreams I think). I close my eyes and expect it to be day when I open them. This doesn't work. I try a second time and notice the the wall to my right has a very feint glow, but still there was no real light, so I decide to just leave it there.
      I run out of my room, reminding myself to stay lucid. I run into the front room. My older brother is sitting in the main chair. I manage to say "Hi," before the dream ends.

      Fourth dream: I'm on a computer, sitting next to some guy I don't know. I show him someone's youtube account. I notice that page has 31 dislikes. I didn't know you could even dislike a channel. I find out that I had accidentally gone into my channel. I notice he writes down my username. Embarrassed about him going on my channel, I contemplate deleting it.

      Fifth dream (only a fragment): I see nothing but a page of a book. I know that my eyes are closed. I try to read it, but it eventually gets harder and harder to read. As I read it out loud, I notice that I'm barely paying attention to what I'm reading and won't remember it.
      This may not have been a dream, but me seeing HI in a daze, just after waking up. It was most likely a dream though.

      Sixth dream(also a fragment): I'm at the Year 9 Centre at my school. Some girl walks past with dark green hair. A person tells me how green is now an official hair colour now. What she meant by that was: people can now be born with green hair and have it in there genes. Even though it's different, I like the new colour.

      Seventh dream:I'm in third person, watching two young Asian girls walk around an abandoned dock. The eldest one walks inside the building, which had walls that appeared to be made of a bright wood, and finds a switched-on laptop. She goes further down and discovers two more switched-on laptops. For some reason this gives her the impression that the owners of the laptops must be in danger, and she panics. They both climb the roof and start yelling and waving to a boat in the distance.

      Eighth and final dream: I'm inside... somewhere. Two people are standing next to a narrow tunnel that goes up on a 45ish degree angle. One of them keeps throwing little stones up it. He says it's to distract someone who wants to steal an important orange stone. I remember thinking to myself how, in this strange and big world, police would never know how to deal with this, and these guys are right to deal with the situation themselves.
      I climb the narrow tunnel. At the top is a dark blue ocean at night. There's a lone wooden boat with only one man on it. He looks a little bit like a demon. I get on board and wrestle him into a headlock. One of the guys instructed I drown him. For a moment, he turns into a purple book. He's now in his true form: a young looking man with blond hair, and light-brown body hair. He looks just like one of those half animal half human anime drawings you see all over the internet. I finally get him in a headlock and put my hand over his mouth. I see by the look on his face, he's no longer an evil person, just scared looking. As I have him in the headlock, I can feel all over my body his warmth. It was equivalent to leaning against your partner, only dream-amplified. Straight away I feel connected to him, then I feel sorry for him, as I now have to drown him.
      I pull himself and I overboard. I watch him closely. I can't let him go till I know he's lost conscientiousness. I begin to struggle to hold my breath. I try to distract myself from the need to breath, and then I wake up.

      Eight dreams... New personal record?

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    2. Driving in a Fake-Lucid

      by , 02-18-2011 at 06:42 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I remember dreaming I was having a lucid dream. I was having fun driving around in circles in a car. I kept fiddling with the gear lever, which only went up and down, wondering why it didn't work.

      Oh. and I'm also going to be trying out the "Instant-WILD technique by Michael Raduga.
      Check out this thread.
    3. Lucid Dream From Iso Tone

      by , 02-15-2011 at 07:17 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      Tonight, I decided to try to WILD with the help of a free lucid dreaming Iso tone I got from iso-tones.com. I would listen to if after I woke from my alarm.

      My first dream, and in fact all my dreams this night, were very long & vivid. The first dream wasn't very pleasant. I was standing outside my bedroom with my older brother. We were looking inside my bedroom. There were six spiders on the inside of my window. Six spiders. In the real world, I'm quite scared of spiders, but it's x10 worse if the spider is in my room. I express my disbelief to my brother.
      The scene changes; I'm in my backyard with my younger brother. My bed is also out there. Since it's a dream, the extension has yet to be built. It's night-time, and we're spraying the bed with my insect & bug killer. i don't miss a spot.
      I'm back in my room. I notice, in the cupboard, there is an old dirty hole. I franticly spray in there. I think to myself, it must be where they get it. I don't see any more spiders. I feel that since they're all gone, and that the holes have all been sprayed, no more should be in my room again. This gives me some peace of mind.

      I'm back outside again. There is a big old-looking tree. It has a tarp, I think a green one, going over it. On the top of the tree (it's slightly taller than me) is a disturbing sight. It's a mouse, completely engulfed in spider webs. The tree is covered in spider webs, that look similar to beeswax. My little brother, who is now with me, doesn't realise what it is. I have to explain it's a mouse.

      My alarm wakes me up. I remember to use the iso, combined with WILD. I listen to the entire 30 minute MP3. I'm still nowhere near entering SP, and my hair is beginning to itch, so I decide to just go for WBTB instead. I remind myself to become lucid, and to remember my goals and to stabilise the dream. This pays off.

      I would rate the following lucid dream as a layer three, minor.
      Spoiler for Layer Three:

      I'm on a stretch of road, in a small town. I don't really how I become lucid; I think I was lucid from the beginning. I excitedly rub my hands to stabilise the dream. I yell "This is a dream" many times. As I do this I notice some buildings in the distance increasing in detail. I want to finally complete some of my dream goals. I consider finding my DG, but I realise that may take some time, so I just try to find my dream name instead. A friend of mine named Harry.B is in a black car near me. I get in the car as he starts to drive. I ask him my dream name. He think for a few moments. He says "Hansen Francis." I can tell by the look on his face, and the fact that a friend of mine is called Hansen, that he just made this up. I decide to disregard this. Whilst in the car I have to yell "This is a dream" a few more times.
      By now, my lucidity is fading. I'm still lucid, just much less aware. I'm at school outside my lockers, and I'm still trying to find out my dream name. I ask a kid named Luke. He gives me a very intellectual speech on how one does not just find his dream name, he must earn it. I'm surprised at how much sense he's making. I remember for a few moments being in the canteen, but this doesn't last long.
      Now I'm outside again. There is a big factory to my right. Nobody is near me. I decide to try and fly. Since my logic was still not working very well, this was very extremely easy. I just jumped up, and off I went. I was thinking to myself how badly I didn't want to forget this when I awoke.
      Then I woke up.

      Only when I woke up, did I realise how un-lucid the end of that dream had become. I happily wrote the the dreams down.

      I went back to sleep for a short while. I had a third very vivid but short dream. I was in my maths class, which was very dark and gloomy. Sitting next to me on my left was my school crush. I hear someone to my right on the other side of the room talking to her. I'm slightly embarrassed, and incredibly sick. I have a very runny nose and headache. I keep coughing and sneezing. I look to my left again to see that an old lady had sat between me and my crush.

      I'm ticking the "task of the month" DJ category because I believe "find your dream name" was a previous one. I'm going to try my luck with the Iso tones again tonight. Hopefully I can use it to aid WILD.

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    4. Bucket of Phones

      by , 02-13-2011 at 05:02 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I awake to my alarm. I remember that I need to get up and wake myself up, so I do. First, I write down all the dreams I remember on my iPod. It's about 6:25 I think. I get up and go to get a drink of orange juice. I see my dad and say good morning. Back in my bed, I try to WILD. Everything goes well for about 15 minutes. I begin feel slightly numb.
      I wake up a few hours later and realise I fell asleep.

      Lisa Simpson is at an old, dirty, and slightly flooded closed outdoor swimming pool. She is trying to get it re-opened. Nelson is also there. He is saying to her she should drink the water, if she wants the pool re-opened. In this dream, the scenery is of a lower-class town. It is the early hours of the morning. Almost everything is made of old stone.

      In the second dream, the scenery is similar to the previous dream. There is a reporter interviewing a 13 year-old gothic girl who is getting married. The reporter can't stand the girl's vocabulary.

      In the third dream, a kid named Joe from my school is with another kid called Ash. They were messing about, but I don't really remember what they did. A kid named Daniel —also from my school— and I are trying to find our phones in a big, clear, rectangle box filled with phones. I find two iPads. They don't look like regular iPads; they have the button on the side, and they appear cheaper made. He hands me my phone. It's an iPhone, but it has a different shape and a orange back cover. I marvel at its looks, as I walk away.
      I've just walked through some doors. I'm holding my school books. I pass a large pot-plant. It has big, dead, white caterpillars on it. Another kid and I both say how gross it is.

      In the fourth dream I'm in a bed. It wasn't actually my bed. Behind my head was a window. It was completely dark. Smoke seeps into the room. My dad walks over and opens the window very slightly, letting in a tiny ray of light. The smoke gets sucked out. I thank him, but I'm slightly annoyed he let light in.

      I don't actually remember the sixth dream, however it is still written down on iPod. Here's the direct quote. It may be messy, since I rushed it.
      I'm at a school bench I think and ash and Joe are still with me. I think I looked at a coldplay cd and thought it was good, but kept quiet because I didn't want to look lame.

      In the sixth dream, I'm with Joel Luke and Brant. Luke says how tall I've gotten. I go under something to grab an old piece of clothing, to compare it to what I'm wearing now.
      We're all watching a film that I've already seen. I remember seeing a strange shape flying through pretty dream-flowers. A sad part comes on, and the theme music to the film Up starts playing. I look to my right and find Joel tearing-up.
      I'm back in the room from the beginning of the dream. I run over to Luke, and am horrified to find I'm not wearing any pants. I run back, embarrassed.
    5. Stealing from a Vending Machine

      by , 02-12-2011 at 03:50 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I'm writing this a day late (sorry), so I don't really remember what happened with my alarm.

      I'm in a room (or possibly outdoors at night) with all the other students from my school. We're each at individual desks. All the desks are transparent and have a blue glow to them. There is a short middle-aged teacher in the centre. She is telling us how things have changed since last year, and lucid dreaming is now okay. She encourages us to get into it. She tells us how to become lucid. To become lucid we had to take out our rulers from our pencil cases, and tap the pencil case over and over. I do this. I notice some people around me already have given up.
      I can't believe this didn't make me lucid.

      In the second dream, I'm at an orphan's house. Stephen Merchant is with me. I remember the orphan as a 7-10 year old African kid. I look into the cupboard and find depressingly bad toys -old second-hand board games.

      In the third dream, I was at some big oval. There were buildings and people everywhere. I was at a vending machine.There was a kid, from my after school care program (many years ago), named Mitch there. I think he stole something. I buy something from the machine, but then I also steal something. I think that nobody's going to ever find out. The machine doesn't even have a glass screen on it
    6. Removing a Cyst

      by , 02-11-2011 at 10:53 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I'm adding this dream a little late. It was longer, and I think there was a second dream, but I don't remember now.

      I just remember looking at either my arm or my leg. I was removing a spot. I managed to pull something out of the limb —a large, egg-shaped white ball. The next part is strange. I'm looking at it, when I realise what it is. It's actually the O in the Opera browser logo! I see it fly toward the other browser logos.
      This seems perfectly normal to me, and the rest of the dream continues.
    7. Jelly In a Cup

      by , 02-08-2011 at 09:17 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I was in a hurry again this morning, so I wasn't able to write down notes from my dream. I'm slightly annoyed that I couldn't, because I remembered lots more of this dream this morning.

      I do remember being in my room with my little brother. There were some Hungry Jack's (or Burger King outside Australia) drinks on the floor near the door. I picked up a cup that had "jelly" in it. It really was just some slimy semi transparent goo with ice, filling up only a fraction of the cup. When I picked it up I spilt some on on the floor. I'm not actually sure how I spilt it. I notice it's not more solid like normal jelly, so I tell my brother I'm going to go freeze it.
      I'm in a bunk bed viewing myself in third person. I can only see the top bunk. The mattress is a kind of golden-brown and has an old fashioned pattern —quite ugly if you ask me. The wall is a feint dark yellow-brown.
      Just as I'm writing, I remember more from this dream. I remember the main character from "The Land Before Time." I seem to recall him standing on a rock. For some reason I thought he was very heroic and special.

      In the real world, I've been more and more determined to find my DG. When I finally do, hopefully in my next lucid, I'll be sure to go into great detail here.

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    8. I Hate my Mother

      by , 02-07-2011 at 09:20 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I awake to my 6 hour alarm. Before I went to bed, I made sure to remember to be more alert when I awake. This worked, and I remembered to get up and think for a few minutes. I was in bed and started trying to WILD. I got in a comfy position after stretching and attempted to enter SP. After a few minutes, my feet began to tingle. Every few minutes, for a few moments, my heart rate would increase dramatically. This may have caused brief arousal .
      My entire body began to feel heavy. I did for a few moments begin to see small HI, but this never lasted long. It was mostly just weird textures. I eventually was forced to give up, as I went to bed later than I wanted and really needed my 8 hours.

      In my first dream, I'm extremely angry at my mum. I don't know why exactly, but I just am. We're in my family car (the old one) parked outside someone's house. I can tell it's a hot, clear sky day. Two kids are about to pass the car. I know I really shouldn't, but being extremely angry, I hit one of them very hard in the face through the window. For some reason I thought they were a threat. My mum and my brother (both also in the car) are horrified at what I'd just done. They made it seem like I committed murder. I remember seeing her calling someone on her phone. The police?
      I'm now inside my house, running from my bedroom to the living room. I pass my dad, who is sitting in the main TV chair.He greets me with a smile and asks me what's wrong. His calmness temporarily calms me down. I tell him how I really hate mum, and how I really mean it. Before he gets a chance to respond I run outside. There are black leather chairs and lots of rubbish outside. I sit on one of the chairs. I remember seeing my dad with a confused expression looking at me through the window.
      That was a pretty awful dream. I never like being angry at my mum, and I'm usually not. That's not the first dream where I've hated her.

      The second dream was very short. I was in my older brother's bedroom with the light off. My little brother was with me. He was showing me a HTC "phone" he'd just bought. It was basically a watch with a screen. The screen expanded across the entire wrist band. I recently bought a very nice watch that glows in the dark very brightly. That could explain this dream. I remember wanting to buy one. I knew there was one out even better than his, but I thought buying one better than his new one would be unkind. I watched Top Gear last night. In it they were making fun of James because they had a Ferrari much better than his. I did feel a little bad for James. This would have also contributed to the dream.

      In the third dream, I was with my friends Luke, Joel and George. We were all camping together. This is probably my 1000th camping dream after participating in Outward Bound. I was talking to George, something about how you should cover yourself in warm water to warm up. This made up both laugh. It's the afternoon and I notice nobody else is here. I look around, and I'm the only one there. I stay calm; at least it's not night. Later on Joel and I are at a wooden fence. I look over it (it's very tall) to find someone's backyard, with a bowl of dog food in it. I realise that this is actually a set-up camp. I go to tell Joel.

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    9. Aeroplane Crash and Some Other Dreams.

      by , 02-06-2011 at 05:06 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      So I wake up to make 6 hour alarm as usual. I realise quickly that I'm far too sleepy to try WILD. I can't focus on anything. Being in this drowsy state, I never think of getting up and waking up.

      I have a short dream. In the dream I'm in bed still. My parents are talking to me about how It's very late, and I'm going to be late for school. I wake up quickly, very relived that didn't actually happen.

      I get back to sleep, and I have the almost exact same dream as before. I wake up, relived again.

      I'm standing at an airport runway. To my left is the youtuber "T2." Suddenly, a plane appears out of nowhere and land on the runway. I notice that it's going very fast, and it's just landed at the very end of the runway. The plane makes a loud and sharp turn to the left. A few moments later, it crashes head-first into a building in the distance. I can't see the front of the plane, but I can see it explodes. The entire plane is on fire. The fire is abnormally bright. T2 makes some rude remark about the event, and then the dream ends.

      I'm in a room, sitting on an old upright piano. To my right is an old-fashioned lift. To my left is a movie set similar to Star Wars.
      A man walks in. He has a short beard and read hair. I know that he's a big time actor. He begins talking about how the lift is actually real. Some people (including myself) don't really believe him. I believe him a few moments later, when suddenly I get the feeling that the room suddenly moved (like when a lift does). Silly dream logic.
      The man starts talking about acting. He says something about how he used to have to kiss an overweight girl who didn't like him.

      A new dream begins. In this dream I'm in a grey room. The carpet is similar to mine.It is very long and narrow. The room is filled up with chairs just like a theatre: higher chairs at the back, and lower ones up front. Behind me to the left is a Japanese kid, who is also named Matt. At one point I looked at him.
      At the front of the room is a small stage for people to stand. There is a teacher standing there. She is holding lots of bags. Each bag is filled with lots of small chocolate sweets. Apparently they are for a very hard school project. I'm now at the very bottom of the room. At the very bottom are two beds. Both are bunk beds. I'm sitting in one. I'm happy because nobody can see me from here.
      The teacher (who is female) now takes me into the other room. Annoyed, she asks me why I didn't receive a bag. I respond by saying each time I got mine, it turned out to be for another Matt. After all this the teacher started going on about something else I've forgotten. She accepted this, and I went back into the bed.
      There was a middle-aged teacher (male) standing on the stage now. He put a white metal shelf filled with valuables on the stage. A kid named Dale.C for some reason, ran straight into it. I was surprised nothing fell off. Around this time, a girl my age walked down all the chairs, across the stage and out the room completely naked. A few people yelled out childishly at her. I just looked away. This happened more than once.
      The male teacher was in front of me now. He was standing in front of a small table. On the table was one of those tools you use to see if a surface is level. I was very long, red and was bent at one point, pointing up. He called me by a nickname I hate, and he asked me to help him click it into place. I'm holding it and I just can't seem to manage. I tell him I'm no good and this stuff and sit down, slightly embarrassed. He keeps calling me that nickname, but nobody laughs. A large student then jumps on the tool. I can't remember what he did to it though.
      There's another kid on the bed with me now. He shows me how to fold the quilt. The quilt is black and has the texture of a sleeping bag. I thank him. That's all I remember from the dream.

      I'm somewhere outside my local milk bar. There are lots of black people around me, all of them wearing black clothes made of leather. For some reason I just know they're trolls (like internet trolls, but in real life), and they're about to troll the milk bar. I go into the milk bar. There are about 5 of them walking around, one of which is a girl. I expected there to be more. One of them walks into a room he's not supposed to be in. There's an Asian substitute worker there. She seems overwhelmed, and she doesn't know how to deal with all of them.
      I grab a big blue bar of chocolate and some sort of drink. I ask the lady how much it will all cost, and she says something like, "2 dollars in English pound, 4 dollars 53c in Australian currency." I figure I have about 70c to spare. I look around asking how much everything costs. I want to buy the best item worth 70c. I end up buying a strange twisted light pink strap.
      I notice my blue chocolate bar is already open and some blocks are missing. I go to replace it with a new one, and wonder if it's rude to do so. I pass one of the trolls who is about my age, and we laugh about something. I walk up to the counter and turn in all the stuff I want to buy. I take out a pile of coins and realise that most of them are English coins (I live in Australia). I try to read them, but they're in a language I've never seen before. I apologise to her, and she tells me I have to put one item back. I look down to find I have about 3 different drinks. I don't remember buying any of them. I can only keep one. She suggests I keep the orange one. I agree, but I still don't have enough. I ended up having to pay her back. I say I'll promise to remember to pay her back, because if I don't I'd feel very guilty and bad.

      Sorry for the wall of text. I had to write this down on my iPod when I woke up, and again just now. Painful.
    10. The Glowing Tunnel

      by , 02-03-2011 at 08:23 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I went to sleep at around 12am. I woke at 6am. I don't have any idea why, but when I woke up to try WILD I thought I hadn't gotten any sleep that night, and I went back to bed. I must of been dreaming and heard the alarm but didn't wake up. Who knows. After falling asleep I had my only dream for the night.

      I'm in my bed. I'm looking toward the wall where my feet point to. To my right there's another queen-size bed, kind of leaning over my bed. It's hard to explain.
      "That's odd" I thought. I looked outside my bedroom door, and even though the morning sun had started to come up, it was pitch black on the other side. I got out of bed and instantly became lucid. I walked through the door and into the piano room. I was determined to keep the dream, and my lucidity, strong. I rubbed my hands and yelled out "This is a dream!" quite a few times.
      I tried to spawn the girl I like to say to her all the things I've wanted to say. Despite being lucid, I wasn't lucid to an extent where I remember everything from the real world, so I didn't remember how to properly spawn. I walked into the hallway and tried to spawn her. I put my hand 20cm in front of my face and imagined her appearing behind it when I moved it. Nothing happened. I then closed my eyes and imagined her being in front of me. When I opened them, everything had become black and blurry. I instantly remembered you're not supposed to close your eyes in a dream and rubbed my hands vigorously. I went back into the piano room and started spinning. I was trying to spawn back in my bedroom with her in it. Everything turned into a clash of swirling colours: light blue, white & yellow.
      I stopped spinning, and I was in my bedroom. Thinking about it now it was fairly silly teleporting to a room right next to the one I was in. In the bedroom was a naked girl sitting on her knees behind the coffee table.. I was shocked at first by the perfection of her body. I looked up at her face to find she wasn't the girl I was trying to find, in fact I'd never seen her before in my life. She may have been very pretty with a perfect body, but she wasn't the girl I wanted to talk to. For a few seconds, I remember my little brother being in the room with me. I sat down, disappointed, and when I looked back at the girl I saw that her "female bits" had been replaced by "male bits." Maybe it was time to leave...

      I started spinning again. I ended up on a large piece of flat concrete. It had a tent-roof and a sheet of plastic used as a wall to my left. I looked like a greenhouse. All around me in the distance was nothing but flat green grass, the kind from video games. In the distance was a large building. I didn't see it in great detail.
      By this point I was still lucid and knew I was dreaming, but I started to believe the people I met and the things I did were real. I stopped noticing strange things.

      I'm in the mansion. I'm no longer lucid and everything from here on is slightly fragmented. I do remember that inside the mansion was very beautiful. The room I was in was about 5 stories high, and there were decorations everywhere. There was also a shiny, wooden grand piano. Next to the piano was a round coffee table with a laptop on it. I browse the dream-version of the Dreamviews forum. It's featureless, the background is black and the text is brown and purple. I actually add a few to my favourites.
      What happened next in retrospect was fairly beautiful. First I try to light the roof of the building. I manage only to create a light red / orange light. Some man near me smirks at me.
      I don't know how I got there, but I'm in an endless black tunnel. The tunnel swerved and had nothing in it whatsoever. A group of about 10-15 people and I were literally flying though it. As we flew we created a moderately dim dark-blue light, with a white sparkle here and there. I enjoy this quite a lot, and then the dream ended.

      I'm disappointed I wasn't lucid for that last part.

      Just a note, that part of the dream when I saw the bed next to mine and became lucid, I have a strange memory of that happening twice. I don't know why but it just feels like I experienced it once then right away afterward, then became lucid.

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    11. The Old Dog

      by , 02-01-2011 at 06:34 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      Last night was the first night I went to bed at a proper time, so I didn't get much sleep as I wasn't as tired.

      I remember having quite a long dream, but then I got out of bed remembering it was back to school for the first time in 7-8 weeks. Because I got up so quickly, I didn't remember most of the dream. Here's what I do remember:

      I was walking outside. The grass was a faint green, and there were old farm fences everywhere. Behind one of the fences was a dog. He was old and slow and walked up to me.

      Yeah, that's all I remember of my long dream. My six hour alarm didn't wake me up because I took about 3-4 hours to get to sleep.
    12. A Man Dies in my Kitchen

      by , 01-31-2011 at 04:58 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      I had three dreams last night.

      In the first dream I'm in the piano room with my parents. The wooden desk from my older brother's room is there. For some reason there's movie posters on the wall opposite the fire. There are lots of little white dolls around the floor. I know that they're XKCD dolls that I must have bought. I think one was cracked.
      I'm now in my bedroom with my brother, who is holding a stick or something, accidentally smacks my telly. I look at the damage, and there's one dead pixel and a small dent.

      The second dream was very strange. I was with a group of people who even now I can't recall at all. We were in some sort of puzzle from a game. There were different sections all in the one area, each with a different terrain. I was in the jungle area next to a person. I pointed to a stone section saying we'd come from there, event though I have no memory of ever being there. Over the wall of this section I see a desert section. There's nothing there but an insect (or bug) that looks like a cockroach. It runs around when a small animal digs out the sand and eats it.
      I'm at a different section of the puzzle now. I have to get across to another section. To get across I have to get across a flying fox. The only problem is that it's uphill. The Stig from top gear goes first and does it fine. There are people on the other side. I give it a try and fail. The people all start giggling at me, because I "don't know the right way to do it." I eventually manage it, by stopping the rope half way and pulling my self up.

      In the third dream I was in my kitchen. A character from the TV series "New Tricks" was there as well (not as himself). For some reason I knew that he had done something bad in his past, but I decided to forgive and not judge him.
      "Where are the glasses?" He asks me
      "They're up there in the top cupboards" I say, as I point to the cupboard.
      "I can't reach them; I have something wrong with my back."
      Even though he says this he still gets a glass. As he puts it on the bench, I remember he slowly fell asleep. I knew something was wrong, because he looked like he was in pain. A man, who looked like a WW2 soldier, walked into the living room, and I tell him to quickly call the police.

      Since I went to sleep so stupidly late, I never even woke to my alarm. I should have better luck this week, as I'll finally have a proper sleeping cycle.
    13. My teacher is a wh*re

      by , 01-30-2011 at 04:31 AM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      Well I've just gotten back home after being gone for three days, so there were no dreams then. Sorry. I had three dreams last night. Annoyingly I've completely forgotten one of them. Hopefully I'll remember it sometime today.

      The first dream I was at a caravan park. The ground was mostly sand, and my younger brother was with me. There were small trees everywhere, and they kind of worked as walls. I was riding my bike around and noticed while riding that the wheels had no air, but I still rode smoothly.
      Whilst I was riding I passed a kid (who I think I used to know) and his little brother a few times. I kept driving passed him, missing him by only a small gap. I felt bad for annoying him.
      In the dream I remember riding down a long stretch of sand, then after riding around more I'd return to this stretch of sand again.

      The second dream was slightly more vivid. I was in a classroom with white walls, and I had a teacher I'd never met before. I tried to sharpen my pencil, but the blade was too dull. It only succeeded in breaking the end of the pencil. I took out a normal pen from my pencil case and rubbed it against the blade. I thought by doing this it might sharpen the it. After a few moments I went back to sharpening my pencil. Still too blunt, and now then pencil was all bent.
      A boy sitting on a table to the right of me (Matt.W) was telling me something about how to do it properly, when the teacher walked passed. She was incredibly mean to me. As she walked away I callously stated she was a whore.
      "You think the teacher is a whore?" Matt.W said, looking slightly confused. I was worried he would tell the teacher.
      "No no no, I just..." I didn't know what to say, so I just kept quiet.
      Matt never did tell the teacher what I'd said, and I'd never manage to sharpen my sharpener.

      I awoke to my 6 hour alarm. It was going to be a 40 degree day today, and I was already hot. I hadn't gotten much sleep because my left ear was clogged with wax. I decided it wasn't the best time to try to WILD.

    14. The Roman Entertainment Building.

      by , 01-26-2011 at 02:18 PM (Reading With My Eyes Shut)
      My Notes

      Okay, so this is my first DJ update in months. All my previous entries are archived at mattbrox.co.nr. There are 101 entries in there I believe. It's password protected, so to view an entry just add /"dream number" to view that dream. I've noticed in the months I haven't kept track of my dreams, that every night I would always remember at least 1 dream. I've just yesterday (the date this was added) began to start lucid dreaming again, and this time I'm going to try to WILD.

      My first dream was very brief; all I remember is being in a large shopping centre, and a dark-skinned lady gave me a cooked piece of meat. I was incredibly thankful to her in an attempt to be polite.

      The second dream was mostly just fragments. I remember being with my friend, Joel. We were walking toward a large building with roman architecture. The inside was completely large, long and empty. It contained a large red rug stretching across the floor. At the end of the rug were some small steps that led to a room. We went into that room, and as I passed I brushed my hand against a strange dragon figure that had been carved into the wall. As I brushed it I marvelled at the roman architecture.
      I don't remember much about the inside of the room, only it was dark and that there game rooms in there which made me slightly nostalgic. After the rooms I remember being outside. The grass was dying, and there were rusty roller-coaster tracks going in and out of the building. One of the tracks was yellow.
      Underneath the were two people: Simon Pegg and a random DC. Simon was saying something about how new expansions to the building would upset the community.
      Me, Joel and Nick Frost were next to a grey building that was also deteriorating. In the distance we could see the building I'd just left. The yellow roller-coaster rail seemed to be flinging about, and Simon and the DC were arguing. We all shrugged it off. One of us had called them something nasty, but I don't remember what.

      I awoke to the sound of my alarm. I'm using a free phone app (not iPhone) called LucidWeaver, and it has an alarm which wakes me up and then turns itself off. I remember when WILDing you need to stay completely still, so I did. I was comfortable because I was still in my sleeping position. I remembered all the tips and just lay there. I began to feel a slight numbness sweep over me. After about 5 or so minutes my phone went off again. It wouldn't stop, so I was forced to turn it off manually. I was annoyed to find that I had accidently set the normal alarm on before I'd gone to bed.

      Better luck tonight I suppose.

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