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    not all black and white

    by , 10-27-2015 at 12:01 PM (232 Views)
    D1 playing some rpg game with a serious lot of mobs in some big level (ive had dream with this fictional game in before)
    I tank for someone to help them level up.

    D2 - Milly and one other operative are competing over who will get the next mission from me xD They are briefed in a large lecture theatre.
    Milly drives a very large white (!) car (its almost has dolphin curves to the sides) . Needless to say she beats the other person. We rendevous, parking our cars on a long stretch of road and talk standing by railings,

    D3 - wake up to find staying in a cramped house. Downstairs in the kitchen/dinner im angry at not getting to sit with my family. i am a child. I refuse the breakfast and take a bite of something and run out of the house.
    i am at the seaside the early morning is dark and hazy, the weather squawly. I climb a set of long wooden steps up over looking the sea. i plan to jump in and swim or drown (not sure) but when i look i am overcome by the vastness of the sea. large vessels look like tiny ants in the vastness if the inky black cold ocean.

    D4 - My team, probably Milly and one other, are playing a chess competition. we are in a cramped badly lit room with multilevels and a low ceiling. the other teams are cheating two vs one. i try and persuade the team captain of this. she is unswayed, so i challenge her to a match to decide. i am not sure my superpowers will not stop working in this dream (they can be unreliable) and a agree to try next time.

    D5 - At parents house a child i know stops a smaller one from waliking off with a motor bike. I thank him but do not trust him (he stole stuff at school) i make sure garage/gate/shed locked and warn parents.

    D6 - dreamlet Milly has some cool looking blades, with holes in them, quite curvey and seriously sharp.

    pondering meaning of white (dream state) and animalistic tendencies
    (2nd occurance in a dream, last time giant dark claw marks on white car)
    car symbolise journey i guess
    have read stuff about mamimilian brain and reptilian ?
    with regard to frontal lobe activity during lucid dreaming

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    1. Milly's Avatar
      You know, maybe they weren't cheating, because I know how to play chess but I'm terrible at it XD
    2. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      i consider it cheating, as they were getting help during a competition match.
      i was chess captain at school ^^ my older siblings used to always beat me tho :/ xD they were 6 or so years older tho
    3. Milly's Avatar
      Oh, I see ^^ I learned chess at school too, but I never got the hang of the strategies and such.