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    Dreamlets and reentry

    by , 10-25-2015 at 11:18 AM (239 Views)
    DL1 - Family sitting down to dinner in an old cabin style house. Eating a large tuna steak. Everyone gets a tiny peice except the man who gets pretty much all of it.
    Oily juice spills out of the steak onto the white plate.

    DL2 - The man races as fast as he can on bicycle to get to the cabin before a man with a hat (lee van cleaf style) gets to the cabin with some repossession papers.
    He jumps off but the bicycle carries on spinning through the air. Outside is a dusty mud path/highway up to the cabin.

    DL3 - There is advertisement to meet women (dating ) one is dressed in blue. He arrives to meet the lady in a old style restaurant. They are drinking from pint glasses some kind of ale.
    She throws a ball across the room that almost knocks the glasses carried by a veteran of the place.

    DL4 - The man reaches the cabin in time and huddles in the center of the room near some crates. He wraps himself naked in an animal skin.
    He summons a ghost to protect the house. Large footfalls are seen in the dust on the floor.

    I tryed to imagined a scene for reentering the dream.

    DL5 - This is now the start of the original dream story line.
    I saw a zelda-esc forested area. A sunny day on horse back through a along a slight incline through the trees. There is a dwelling, perhaps a church and a castle in the distance that I need to get to.
    The horse is taken and I have to carry on on foot.

    DL6 - At the house, is the mastermind OpheliaBlue and her henchman. Both sitting one in a wing chair the other on a large settee, with the sun streaming in from large bay windows. There are pictures on the walls and some old wooden cabinets.
    I attack the henchman with spinning saws I summon. They slice through him, leaving lines traced across him. He smiles blithely and is healed. I try again. He tells me he can not be destroyed as this is a dream and the dream energy flows through all things here.
    He reheals again so I grab him and drop kick him through the ceiling, smashing a big hole in the wall. Ophelia is still sitting impassive. She says she cannot be hurt as the dream energy not centered on her it is the very fabric of the dream itself and nothing can really be hurt.
    I wake up.

    Evidently I was worrying a little to much about hurt DC. As my subconscious says its ok and not to worry.
    The rest of the dream aint got a clue right now...

    k figured 3rd person dream watching some guy's life...
    I had long convo with Milly about bullying and that it often stems from adult bullying...
    In dream Guy bullies family taking all food threateningly , then goes out drinking with another woman spending all their money...
    but is shown to be vulnerable as shown being naked hiding in cabin...
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      It looks like your recall is getting better by the day!