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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Noctemocity 6.5 Lucidness

      by , 08-07-2018 at 03:22 PM (Noctemocity)
      August 6 late afternoon nap.

      26/ In a classroom, we all try to sort out a group book project. We each will take a section and write about it but we can’t agree on who will tackle which sections.

      27/ 12th LUCID/ I needed to dig up a bone from a grave to save the world from some impending doom. When I found an ancient grave yard I couldn't bring myself to desecrate a body. I stood to leave and in the distance, entirely surrounding, was a massive stormy sky from which several tornadoes had touched down. This was the impending doom. I didn't retreive the bone but sang to the sky instead. Amazingly the tornadoes tood in place as if listening.
      “How entertaining,” a voice came from behind me. It was Doctor 10 from Doctor Who. He'd come to save earth but I already had things under control. I stopped singing and reality checked because of his alien-ness “Of course! Dreaming.” I said, feeling dim for not having realized it before. I asked the Doctor to help me stop the, now raging again, tornadoes. Could use his tardis to dive into the heart of each tornado, turn in the opposite direction of the winds, and nullify a tornado's power? He said he could but there was an easier way. My mind suddenly surged with lifetimes of memories, all involving this creature in the dream with me. We knew each other well, during different times, inside different bodies. In mental shock I couldn’t do much but try untangle the memories. The tornadoes grew closer. He took me to his ship, “We’ll use plan A then,” he said. We zipped backwards through time, popped into the heart of each tornado just before it touched down, and spun in the opposite direction. I sang the sky song to hold the tornadoes still as unwound them.
      When we'd dealt with all the tornadoes and we zipped back to the dream present, which he explained was trickier to find than the waking world present. It was all real and fantastic at the same time, so I reality checked again. I tried to hang onto one of the many memories that still sloshed around in my mind. I couldn't quite sort them out. "You need to rest, I think." The Doctor said. I argued that I didn't feel tired but then suddenly felt weary. I laid down in the graveyard and looked up at the clouds. The Doctor stood over me and looked down, "Wonder what we'll dream about this time?" I shrugged and looked past him to the clouds. I thought I could see the stars beyond them and I focused on their faint blinking. I don't remember anything after this. His final words were the first thing I remembered when I woke.
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