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    The bloody pig doe

    by , 02-21-2015 at 03:14 PM (357 Views)
    [COLOR="#800080"]I am outside near some apartment complexes. It's night and I see one of my friends. She has a guy in a leash. She sees me and says "Loooook who's here" then I say hello and she completely ignores me, walks past me. I get sad and it starts to rain and some music plays in the backround. As soon as I step near this apartment complex it starts snowing and the place is full of snow. I see some guys and they want to play with snowballs but I run because I am late for something. I am in a restaurant with a guy with brown hair and another girl. We eat and stuff and then I tell the guy he should dye his hair blonde because it would look better. I sort of have a crush on him. He then pays for the meal and then I see this tiny tiny cat jumping around. The scene changes and I'm in an apartment complex. There are huge pigs jumping upstairs and I am really scared and I keep trying to push them downstairs. This other pig that has blood on it is really big and he roars and he wants to bite me. I run down the hall and in a room I see a surgeon full of blood carrying HUGE uteruses from a table in a bathtub. I run back to the stairs and throw myself but they turn into a mattress and there are lots of people jumping on it. It's outside and it's very sunny. [/COLOR]

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