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    So, decided to come back with dream recalling!

    by , 02-19-2015 at 09:01 AM (542 Views)
    Don't recall much but my dreams are getting vivider so I guess this is what I gotta do now :3

    Dream 1 :[COLOR="#800080"] I'm in a bus with a muscular asian guy that seems to be my husband. There's a kid (boy) jumping around on all the seats. It then suddenly transforms into a baby and I hold him in my hands. I can't stop staring at him and at the asian guy and then we start to compare our looks with the baby. Seemed like it was ours. After this, all I remember is going to a wedding with them and everybody welcomes me, my asian husband and the kid. We seem like a pretty respected family. [/COLOR]

    Dream 2 : [COLOR="#800080"]I am with my sister in a pet shop. I look around and I see an old woman petting and kissing some swimming hamsters. I suddenly hear a loud sound and the owner of the shop tells me that something bad happened. I see a necklace on the floor, I grab it and then run. I get teleported in this hall that has one room at the end. I run and open the room and there's another hall with ANOTHER room at the end. I open that too and then I see this white room with some keys inside the keyhole and when I try to open it this dude with a bazooka shoots me in the head. [/COLOR]

    Dream 3 (fragment) :[COLOR="#800080"] I'm in a mall that looks very futuristic and there's some old lady near me drinking hot chocolate and I beg her for something.. don't recall what.[/COLOR]

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    1. Whaledreamer's Avatar
      Hi. I too have had a break off dream recall for 4-5months... I slept well and slept in on waking, Yay!... but wow! I had recent bout of amazing dreams that over powers the tired laziness I had been waking on that would have me snoozing as long as I could before the alarm to work rang.

      I'm going to give reality checks and subconscious chatter another go to.
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    2. Miau's Avatar
      Good luck with that! :D