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    The bloody pig doe

    by Miau on 02-21-2015 at 03:14 PM
    [COLOR="#800080"]I am outside near some apartment complexes. It's night and I see one of my friends. She has a guy in a leash. She sees me and says "Loooook who's here" then I say hello and she completely ignores me, walks past me. I get sad and it starts to rain and some music plays in the backround. As soon as I step near this apartment complex it starts snowing and the place is full of snow. I see some guys and they want to play with snowballs but I run because I am late for something. I am in a restaurant with a guy with brown hair and another girl. We eat and stuff and then I tell the guy he should dye his hair blonde because it would look better. I sort of have a crush on him. He then pays for the meal and then I see this tiny tiny cat jumping around. The scene changes and I'm in an apartment complex. There are huge pigs jumping upstairs and I am really scared and I keep trying to push them downstairs. This other pig that has blood on it is really big and he roars and he wants to bite me. I run down the hall and in a room I see a surgeon full of blood carrying HUGE uteruses from a table in a bathtub. I run back to the stairs and throw myself but they turn into a mattress and there are lots of people jumping on it. It's outside and it's very sunny. [/COLOR]

    So, decided to come back with dream recalling!

    by Miau on 02-19-2015 at 09:01 AM
    Don't recall much but my dreams are getting vivider so I guess this is what I gotta do now :3

    Dream 1 :[COLOR="#800080"] I'm in a bus with a muscular asian guy that seems to be my husband. There's a kid (boy) jumping around on all the seats. It then suddenly transforms into a baby and I hold him in my hands. I can't stop staring at him and at the asian guy and then we start to compare our looks with the baby. Seemed like it was ours. After this, all I remember is going to a wedding with them and everybody welcomes me, my asian husband and the kid. We seem like a pretty respected family. [/COLOR]

    Dream 2 : [COLOR="#800080"]I am with my sister in a pet shop. I look around and I see an old woman petting and kissing some swimming hamsters. I suddenly hear a loud sound and the owner of the shop tells me that something bad happened. I see a necklace on the floor, I grab it and then run. I get teleported in this hall that has one room at the end. I run and open the room and there's another hall with ANOTHER room at the end. I open that too and then I see this white room with some keys inside the keyhole and when I try to open it this dude with a bazooka shoots me in the head. [/COLOR]

    Dream 3 (fragment) :[COLOR="#800080"] I'm in a mall that looks very futuristic and there's some old lady near me drinking hot chocolate and I beg her for something.. don't recall what.[/COLOR]

    Updated 02-19-2015 at 09:04 AM by Miau

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    3 lucid dreaaams

    by Miau on 08-27-2014 at 12:24 PM
    First lucid : I'm in bed (in a dream) I decide to do FILD and I stay still. I get all kind of hallucinations and white sounds and also this tiny doll that's dressed in a red-black kimono stares at me really closely. Her eyes get bigger and bigger the more I get into the dream. [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up and don't even do a RC because I was so sure I was dreaming. I look outside the window and it's really sunny and normal outside. I look back at my bed and I see a grey laptop on it. I open the grey laptop and it has information about everything I do and everything that happens in the dreamland. I say it's awesome and then I realize I could take pictures. I revert the camera to look at me. I look pretty normal. I revert it back and I go into the kitchen with the laptop to see what mom is doing. She's waiting for me. I say I'll go outside. I go to the balcony and I wanna jump but the distance is too high so I say no because I think I could wake up. I run to the entrance door and open it. It's not what I expected there to be. It looks kinda the same as the way it's supposed to look but the walls are white and there is no roof up, just some cool ass mountains and some smoke too. There is something written on a wooden wall up and I go and read it. I don't have a hard time reading it at all. One wall said (exactly like this) : Bienvenuduo a vac ances. The other wall said something in "romanian" : Bine a ti ve nit a vacan ces. I ask mom what could that possibly mean and then I just take a picture of it with the laptop. I pass the wall and jesus, that place... It had many mountains and there was smoke everywhere for some reason. I could feel the wind and it was just awesome. I look around and I see mom is still with me. I tell her to leave but she gets happy-angry and starts ranting but in the end she leaves. I wanna go somewhere to swim. I try to go up the mountains but when I look back I see this cool pool that had like, some tiny watery balls in it. I go into it and it's trying to suck me in and then I wake up (IN A DREAM). [/COLOR]

    2nd lucid : I try to do a FILD again. Same hallucination ( the japanese doll) and I have success with this too. [COLOR="#008080"]I stand up, see the laptop and I get it back. There is a voice in it now that says " Well, what should we do now? Should we give you some nightmares?" I get all excited and say YES. A tiny green snake appears near me. I stare at it and it stares back at me. It then suddenly jumps on my leg and tries to crawl under my skin. I just go with it till it bites me. I get it out and throw it away. It seems dizzy and I jump out the window. Same weather, sunny as fuck. I try to go in the back of my apartment complex when this eagle with red eyes flies to me with the dead green snake in it's mouth. I say that's awesome and the eagle sits on my shoulder. It says that it will save me from everything bad. I say okay then proceed to walk more. This random guy throws some bombs at us. The eagle throws them all away and I could hear them exploding in the distance. The guy then throws a plastic ball with some blue thingies in it. It starts shining more and more and the eagle flies back to my shoulder and says that we need to leave fast. It tries to fly with me but then this huge rock monster grabs me by my leg and throws me to the ground and that's when I woke up.[/COLOR]

    3rd lucid : I'm in a dream again. Do FILD again. [COLOR="#008080"]The grey laptop is sitting on my chest this time. I stand up, get it, and leave in the hall. I try to stabilize and the laptop shows me that it's successful. I look on my right and instead of the bathroom there is another bedroom. The bed is right near the door. I see my grandmother in it and a family friend near her. They both look dead so I try to get away from them as soon as possible because I fear they will wake up. But then, my grandmother starts yelling for help and it's creepy and makes me feel sad. I go to mom in the livingroom and I tell her that my grandmother woke up "again". She seems frustrated and goes to my grandmother and then I wake up. [/COLOR]

    5 LDs in a night, can't just let it go.

    by Miau on 04-06-2014 at 12:30 PM
    I recently had 5 LDs and this is record-breaking so I might as well write them down. Don't wanna forget them.

    1st lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm in the bedroom and I suddenly feel like I need to do a RC. I do the hands one and I have 6 fingers on each hand. I'm quite shocked because the dream is too vivid. I jump out the window and see some random people. This guy with black hair comes towards me and starts singing. I tell him to stop it then he gets angry and leaves.[/COLOR]

    2nd lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I have a FA. I wake up in my bed, do another RC and realize I'm dreaming again. I jump out the window (it's the easiest way to get out of my apartment) and I see anime looking people and humans talking to each other. I walk down the street and see this girl with pink kind of redish hair (ponytail). When she sees me, she runs to me and says hello. I say hello back. She tells me that she needs to drive me home. I tell her that I'm already home but she gets angry and her eyes turn red. She yells at me saying that this is not my home, not my real home. She forces me to go with her by grabbing my hand and pulling me. I yell no and I keep trying to run. She eventually leaves my hand but she says she will come back to me.[/COLOR]

    3rd lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in another dream and do another RC. Realize I'm dreaming and jump out the window again. It's night outside and I see the moon looking bigger than before. All kind of monsters are walking towards it. I ask a kid why they're walking towards the moon and he tells me that I should go too. I follow them and go through a forest and then I meet some humans.. I ask them why they're here and they say that they came to see the lord.[/COLOR]

    4th lucid : [COLOR="#008080"] Bedroom, RC, window. I see people wearing different traditional clothes from countries like Korea, Mexico, Japan, Romania, etc. I see this store that appeared in all of my lucids before and I fly to it and I destroy it.[/COLOR]

    5th lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]Same thing. This time I stabilize but for some reason my hands are wet. I see this guy with purple hair talking to other people. I pat him on the back. He looks back at me and he's really tan, has hazel eyes and he is overweight. He is really handsome and he follows me everywhere. There is this girl who runs to me all excited and hugs me. She looks at me and she says that she's really happy to see me and says that she was waiting for me for a long time. She says that someone hosts a party in my BRAIN and that I should go there. I get in a car and tell the driver to drive me to the party. I arrive at this cool big house. There are balloons, clowns and all kind of weird stuff. People were having a lot of fun. There is also a train and people are crazy about it. I enter in the house and it looks exactly like my apartment. I go in the bathroom and the guy with purple hair is taking a bath(except this time he has brown hair). I cover my eyes and say sorry but he keeps yelling at me. I get out of the bathroom and I see that in my grandmother's room is really dark. I get in there and I see a vampire. I run out of it and go in the living room. I look out the window and it's snowing.[/COLOR]
    lucid , false awakening

    4 LDs, only one successful. :D

    by Miau on 02-08-2014 at 11:29 AM
    Dream 1 : [COLOR="#008080"]I sit on the couch asking myself what I should do. I wanna jump out the window but the dream is so vivid and I say that I better go like normal people do even though I'll miss the fun. In my house, there are many bats and tall figures. I get scared and I wake up.[/COLOR]

    Dream 2 : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm back in my apartment. I do a RC, I stabilize and it's all good for now. I wanna jump out the window but, it's way too vivid again so I say no. I wanna go downstairs but I wake up.[/COLOR]

    Dream 3 : [COLOR="#008080"]I try to keep my calm so this one will be a successful one. I do a RC and my ring finger is chopped. I stabilize a lot and get ready to go. I go downstairs and I see a person that looks a lot like Gavin. He has a bag in his hand and he couldn't stop smiling. I greet him and ask him why he's here. He says that he waits for a person. I say : Okay, wanna go outside ? He refuses and says that he is really busy but gives me what looks like a card. I go outside and the first thing I see is mom crying near my grandmother's coffin. She suddenly stands up and goes away.I say that mom would be really happy if my grandmother was alive. I do some kind of spell (I have no idea what I just did) and she wakes up. I then run to the street and I try getting cars to drive over me. The cars looked pretty cool though. I see a taxi and I get in it. I tell the person to go to McDonalds(because I wanted to destroy it <.<) The guy smiles a lot and gives me another card. When I arrive, I'm shocked. There is no McDonalds but a little hut and a really big cross with all kind of images on it. A person tells me that I should go to see the cross and I get really surprised to look at it for some reason. I then go to the hut and there's someone so I ask the person what happened here. She says something about a war and she also says that this place will soon be burned because of someone. The place suddenly bursts into fire and I get something that looked like a stick to put in the middle of the fire(Apparently that would stop the fire) I put the stick in the middle and the fire stops. The leader yells at me and says that I need to be killed and puts some of his slaves to chase me. I run really fast without getting tired. The dream skips to an U.F.O and some pokemons and then I wake up.[/COLOR]

    Dream 4 : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm back in my apartment and this time I stabilize . I go downstairs to see my grandmother crying near her own coffin(scary as fuck). She yells at me that she wants to go back, I get really scared and I reverse the spell so she can go back into her coffin. She goes back into it and says goodbye and that she'll miss me and all kind of things. I see a guy running to me. IT'S FUCKING KRIS. He looks amazing, cooler than usual. He says that he's been searching for me a lot.And then, of course, I wake up. [/COLOR]
    lucid , false awakening