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    Doctors and tears (may 3rd, 2022)

    by , 05-04-2022 at 12:14 PM (159 Views)
    (This dream is particularly unremarkable but I want to start off this online journal at my most recent dream.)

    Now for some reason, in this dream I had to see a doctor just about everyday (it lasted for multiple dream days) and this doctor was only accessible in a sort of a plain white food truck. Probably what my mind thinks an ambulance is supposed to look like, but looking at it it's just one of those places you'd get really good 5 dollar burritos from without any nice designs on the sides. So anyway it was vital for me to go here everyday, and what was also vital is them giving me a bottle of water and I have to drink it halfway and bring it back the next day. That's weird. I never actually saw what the doctor looked like, but they did multiple different things like taking vitals and stuff. Later on the style of visualization flipped from a realistic world set in some rotting concrete city to a cartoon in the perspective of me watching it or something. It was the same setting actually, just cartoon-like y'know. There was really only one person in this show and it was me with some faceless side characters. It was just me crying a lot while flashes of side characters abusing me would pop up every once in a while. It ended off on those side characters coming to try and console me before I pit a knife against them. Didn't see what happened next because I woke up.

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