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    Torture Gore School (june 13th, 2022)

    by , 06-15-2022 at 03:54 AM (136 Views)
    It has been nearly a month since I have last updated my online dream diary. Many things in my life get in the way. It is so stressful dealing with Freudsters lol. Anyways though, here's all I can remember from my latest dream:

    I woke up (in the dream) in a sort of disheveled van. There was a bag over my head, I could sense it, but I could still see everything as if there was none at all. Dreams are weird like that. I wriggled around for a while without actually saying anything and I hit a recall gap here. I ended up back in my old high school, a near exact image of what it looked like, but as I walked closer some people (staff I assume) ambushed me and forced me into the school, where it took on the looks of a prison more than anything. They took me outside where I was put in those striped scrubs type clothing and told to do dig a large hole in a gated part of the land. Another recall gap and I've gone inside the school. Here's where things turn weird. It's not a prison anymore; it's a massive torture chamber.

    There is a pit piled high with bodies and on the walls hang people splayed open with their organs on full display. Some were still alive and breathing, not screaming or anything but alive. I could hear screams from another room over, though. I never actually got to see what was in there, because upon wandering in the torture halls I was being rushed by the staff again. I suspected I was next to be in the body pit. I ran past them and made it to a shower room, a window was miraculously open and I jumped through it wet and naked for some reason. The exterior once again became my high school and I ran out to one of the cars in its parking lot and drove off. As you can tell I had a lot of recall gaps during this dream lol. It's okay though it's still pretty interesting.
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