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    1. (Fragment) Cherokee kill room (may 21st 2022)

      by , 05-21-2022 at 05:43 PM
      I haven't posted in a while since I've been forgetting a lot of my dreams. Here is a recent dream fragment I had.

      I was in one of those awful Native American "gift shop towns", those places tourists go to buy stuff that spits in the face of indigenous cultures you know? I'm pretty sure this one was Cherokee. There was a building that was really tall, like a waterslide looking thing, where there was a line of people waiting to get "air cleansed". It turns out this air cleansing was just hooking a car exhaust up to the room and slowly letting you die. Something else happened that I don't remember and was definitely nowhere near as interesting. They should put those in the towns in the waking world.
      non-lucid , dream fragment