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    The beginning of a new journey 12-02-10.

    by , 08-13-2011 at 06:35 AM (617 Views)
    My first readings about LDs was in November 2010; and then on December of the same year I had the Lucid dream that changed my life!
    It all begins when I'm walking on a very quiet street, it looks like a street from a small village, I see wooden doors, not side walks, the floor is uneven, and everything is very bright, just like day light...I'm very curious and I look around questioning where am I...?
    then has I look on the sky I...(I just got the goosebumps)... so as I looked on the sky I see a very clear night sky, full of stars, and the more I stare the sky starts to turn into hues of peach and red colors and now is an immense dome; I can't believe!...It is a dream! I start to look down and I see some doors in a very uneven ground. I proceed to do the RCs AM I DREAMING?... yes I'm dreaming!!! I look at my hand, at first I see 6 fingers or more then on the other hand the fingers are shorter and distorted, also the hands are inverted.
    Now I'm even more conscious of being inside the dream. I look to my left, from top to bottom, I see a temple like set up with spot lights. I see a dark brown statue of Buddha, and next to it a saint sitting on a gold throne with some scriptures, and carrying baby Jesus on his lap..I'm in awe!
    then I think what I'm I going to do next...? I notice that I have two little stones in my hand and I put them on the ground; then to my surprise I see a rectangle shape like fountain, looks like black marble and is about 7" X 18". I know it's clean I really what to try this out, I put my hands very slow and I can feel the water wetting my hands, I notice is not deep enough to submerge my hands totally, I keep wetting my hands like 2 or 3 times; then I wet my face and pass my hands through my hair. It is amazingly real!
    I look back into the temple and it haven't change much, the I look at the bottom of the dome and I notice there are like three doors, but at that moment I don't feel curious enough to open them. then I look up the enormous dome with colors and stars...the dream start to vanish, immediately I start to rub my hands to stabilized the dream but doesn't work; I also notice that I have some kind of music on my radio getting louder and louder...I wake up .. but I'm so !!!

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