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    The Way of Villainy

    by , 06-07-2014 at 09:13 AM (429 Views)
    The Way of Villainy
    22 July 2013
    Morning Nap

    Princess Luna is a character from My Little Pony

    Note: A lot of the dialogue in this dream was influenced by the Steve Wilkos Show that was airing on the TV IRL.

    I was quite irritated that I should be so tired in the middle of the day. Especially considering that I hadnít really done much of anything that day-at least not that I could remember. I was reprimanding myself for not getting enough sleep, again. I was walking in a walkway that was built into a large crack in the side of a cliff (it was reminiscent to a similar walkway in Zoraís Domain in Twilight Princess). So I was walking down the walkway and I was virtually unimpressed by the beautiful scenery that I was looking at. Then again, itís not as though I was looking at much. I look across the huge crevasse in which this walkway is built and I only see a wall on the other side and a thick cloud of fog down below.

    I admit I was not fully cognizant of myself and I was mostly preoccupied with the question of how to deal with my fatigue. I thought that maybe I could take a swig of Pepsi; I remembered having three in the fridge back at home which I found odd because I didnít remember buying any to begin with. My ever so important train of thought was interrupted by a text message. It was from this guy I barely knew from High School. He was accosting me for not pulling my weight on a project that he and I were supposed to be working on together. I must have been more tired than I thought. I mean, what was he talking about? What fucking project?

    Such a bother, I was not at all happy to be having to work on this project (whatever it even was) nor was I happy to be working with this guy of all people. I would spend the majority of that day questioning when I was ever drafted into such a partnership. What school was I even attending at that time? Not JCCC, that hadnít started yet. After I got the text I crossed a huge stone bridge that led to a huge aperture on the other side of the crevasse. The aperture led to some city park in the mountains; the ingress was opened in the parking lot. There I ran into Princess Luna of Equestria. I told her about my dilemma with this project and that I couldnít even remember what the project was. She proceeded to tell me of an iphone app that would be able to deter people from contacting me about projects that I did not want to work on. I strongly considered the app and I liked the idea of keeping that annoying ass from contacting me but I also question how this would help me long term. I thanked The Princess for her suggestion and bid her good day. Maybe I should have bowed? Whatever, I donít think she cared.

    As I looked around the city park I immediately noticed that the park was full of hostiles and heavy hitters all of whom were disguised as normal denizens. Any idiot could have seen through themÖor so I thought. I was amazed to see batman standing there in the middle of the park just not doing any thing. All these villains were walking right by him and he didnít even notice. I suppose that I should have said something but I suppose that I simply did not give a damn. Either that or I was so distant that the thought never occurred to me. Later on I noticed Steve Wilkos speaking to a man about his wife. The man was lamenting about the fact that his wife had chosen a life of crime. It started with prostitution but then the crimes she committed became much more sever, even to the point where she ended up working for The Joker. He drew the line when his wife started to work for a space pirate. As they were talking about this two more hostiles were walking in between them; jumping over the small crevice before them.

    Steveís guest led him to the flying pirate ship on which his wife now worked. The pirate ship was on the other side of this crevice. As I was following them I ended up walking behind a Dersite imp who was poorly disguised as a business man. On the deck of the ship the crew was nowhere to be found and the man described into further detail what it was that his wife did and how she got to where she was. I stood indifferently by them and observed them converse about the subject and I found it amazing that they were not the least bit creeped out by my blatant eaves dropping. Steve gradually began escalate in anger and found it amazing that this man did nothing while his wife went out and prostituted herself every night. Steve firmly let this man know that he was partly to blame for his wifeís progression to the dark side. Just over the stern of the ship I could see the manís wife prostituting on the side of an active street in broad daylight (a flashback projection of the story this man was telling).

    I canít well remember how we got into the backstage hallways of the Steve Wilkos studio but I was there standing idly and watching the conversation unfold. At this point Steve made it very clear that this man was very much at fault for not just his indifference but his subtle promotion of his wifeís behavior. The last thing I heard Steve say before waking up was, ďYouíre a sick bastard.Ē Now at this point I was gradually growing more cognizant of myself and my emotions and was starting to internally react to the conversation. I began to feel for the man but I also began to understand what Mr. Wilkos was saying. This man saw that his wife was journeying down a dangerous path and now she is working for a band of marauding space pirates. How could he not see that he had a hand in her descent?

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