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    1. Night Hike on the Freeway

      by , 10-28-2010 at 12:12 PM
      About a week ago, I went to bed worried. I recently lost a very important journal and I was attempting to clear my mind to remember where I might have hidden in. I started to dream instantly when I fell asleep - which has only occurred a few times in my life. I was not attempting a W.I.L.D.:

      I suddenly found myself walking on 101 (a 5-lane freeway in California) in the middle of the last lane before the fast lane. I paused to look around. Even though it was a starless night, I could see in perfect clarity and the visuals were photo realistic or better. I walked a few steps forward towards an overpass that was maybe 20-ft ahead. In the dark, I heard a car crash in the lane ahead just beyond the freeway overpass. I couldn't see that far in the darkness... But, I could hear car parts flying everywhere.

      One large piece of a car door came skidding directly towards me and stopped just at my feet. The visuals were so vivid, that I instantly suspected I was dreaming. I looked around again, no other cars or people were around. I moved my hand up as if to direct myself into the air. I levitated off the ground, above the height of the overpass with complete ease and control.

      Stationed on top of the overpass was something like an unused construction piece with a tower like structure. Atop that structure was something large with multiple points, covered in a tarp. The dream began to fade. I thrashed around to keep it going, and I remember thinking: this is my chance to search my subconscious for information.
      Instead, I woke a minute-or-two after I had laid down.

      I still haven't found the journal. If my subconscious was providing me with some sort of clue, at present, I have no idea what it was. Nearest I could figure, the journal might have slid underneath something. However, I searched my floor thoroughly. Any and all possible interpretations are welcome...

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