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    Super Lucid: Blackbird Flying

    by , 02-26-2011 at 02:07 PM (1421 Views)
    At last another lucid dream! I believe this one was stimulated by a combination of me singing the Beatles song Blackbird, and Dead Space 2 in which the lead character flies.

    It was around 9am with clear blue skies. I was standing in the middle of my backyard on a dead tree stump. (The stump was removed years ago.) Around me I noticed all sorts of creatures were crowding. Birds, squirrels, and then I saw a cute gray bunny rabbit. I was surprised by that, but even more when following the cute bunny closely was a Jackrabbit.

    Instantly I knew this was a dream when I saw it. I did my traditional reality test - flying. I lifted off the ground with complete control and ease. The animals were excited and especially the birds. I felt a wave of mental clarity wash over me. My body vanished. My perspective became small as a birds and I began to loop around my backyard while the birds joined me in loops, spins, and songs. It was very playful, peaceful, and extremely fun.

    I locked my focus onto a pair of blackbirds who were flying together still over the yard. I began to follow one so closely I looked it directly in the eye a few inches away. He looked slightly uneasy with my proximity, and maneuvered away a few wing lengths. After I had done this a good few minutes, I decided I better not waste this lucidity on aerial antics alone.

    I looked towards my next door neighbors yard. There was pick-nick table near one of his two backdoors. I flew over to it and my body reformed so I could land. When my body reappeared - there was an aerial hiccup as if I hit wind drag and gravity again. I started to drop but hovered at the last instant to ensure a soft landing. At this point I stepped off the table and onto the ground. I clearly remember thinking "There is no way I could forget this dream, it is much too real to forget." I considered waking myself up as I headed for the door, but I really wanted this feeling to continue.

    I opened up my neighboors backdoor, excited to see how my dream would handle this. I stepped into his garage which was huge inside. Bigger than the house itself from the outside. I could hear my neighbor walking around upstairs, and I had the impression he was just getting out of the shower. I chuckled to myself about it. I began to look around the garage and I saw there was a collection of bikes and motorcycles. Out of the garage windows I saw one of the main streets in my city, and not my own block which I should have seen out those windows. I smiled to myself and thought "My dream got that wrong."

    I started looking for a motorcycle I liked. There was a blue one similar to the first bike I ever owned (!) - a bicycle designed to look like a dirt bike. This also tickled me. Before I could mount it, I looked up and saw that my neighbors garage had a second floor balcony. I slightly worried he might react to me taking the bike, but when I looked up I saw more windows with people starring back down at me. I had the feeling I was at the London stock exchange (I don't recall ever seeing it before).

    There were business type people up on the balcony behind windows that were too back light by pale white light to make out much more than silhouettes. I vaguely recall being asked to do some work for them by a short haired gruff woman in a business suit. The clarity and lucidity evaporated and I woke up shortly there after.

    I didn't remember the dream when I woke up, despite my lucid confidence. I sat still for about a minute, tried to remember my dream and the details above rushed right in. I want to stress how clear minded I felt in this dream. The visuals, flying sensations, and audio were very high quality.

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