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    City in the Sky

    by , 07-27-2011 at 12:33 AM (1128 Views)

    Just woke up from a very cool dream about a not so distant future flying structure that can house millions of people in emergency situations. It's shaped and moves horizontally like spindle with three orbiting rings, sort of like a space station. It can remain inside our atmosphere and make large circles around a disaster area for extended periods of time, or enter outer space if needed. It has capability of traveling very fast or sort of hovering, similar to a flying saucer. It can travel to any part of the world very quickly to reach the cite of an emergency and board people very fast. Though I never saw how people boarded the craft. It's like a giant mobile relief space/aircraft equipped with state of the art hospital facilities as well as being a mobile city, with restaurants, theaters, shopping, and living areas.

    In my dream a huge tornado devastated a city built up along this huge cliff over the sea, and the infrastructure was severely damaged. The areas that weren't wiped out by the storm were in danger of collapsing into the sea. So the satellite, which was what I called it in the dream, flew onto the scene and quickly loaded people to get them to safety or the medical care they needed. The craft not only provides emergency medical care to injured survivors, but also removes anyone else, injured or not, from the disaster area...keeping it uncluttered and providing the opportunity for quicker rebuilding of the damaged areas.

    It will take action and come to the relief in any disaster situation, natural like storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis...but also terrorist attacks and such. Keeping injured people and survivors clear of ground zero affords better rescue efforts and more efficient clean up and rebuilding by government services. Somehow I have no doubt that something like this will exist in the not so distant future.

    I was aboard the craft, sitting in a huge open space that was sort of like the food court at the mall, but larger and fully lined with windows to see out to the clouds. An enormous movie screen was playing the latest pixar movie, while other smaller screens on the side of the large screen had such things as sports, news, etc. for others to watch. Everything was very clean and bright and futuristic.

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