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    In Medias Res

    5/22/2011 - This is....a funny one

    by , 05-22-2011 at 02:02 PM (816 Views)
    Note: These DCs are real people, but the names have been changed to protect privacy.

    It started off non-lucid in a pool/chill room of some sort. Banana was saying some suggestive things about Rolleyes and I again. Shadewink, sitting next to a fireplace, heard it and asked, "Alex's in love?" I sat down next to him and said no, but not emphatically, to show I was in love with him. We talked for a bit about love. I forgot the specifics. It felt so real.

    [scene missing]

    I somehow became the babysitter in a family with a 5-year-old serial killer lunatic boy. It was exactly like a horror movie. I was alone in the house, then I turned and saw the boy grinning with a dagger in his hand. I had to keep a lookout for him, and he always appeared where I wasn't looking. I managed to dodge all his attacks. On the last attack I dodged, he pulled out a fork next, and somehow I made him land in the laundry hamper, which I pushed out a door that I then closed.

    Then the family came home. The two daughters wanted to take a shower, and I joined them. I saw the eldest had big breasts and she was taking small, paper-thin supplements, so I asked, "Does it work?" She said yes. I asked if I could have some. (The younger daughter said "No!" as if not wanting me to change who I am.) She told me I'd be able to get them in a mystical garden, which was shown to me. But first, I had to return in a time machine to a time in the middle of things - in medias res.

    So I then returned to the pool/chill room. Without me (and Banana, or Shadewink, it seemed), they'd gotten Dennis, who was passed out on the floor anyway. I went into the next room; the guys were sitting n a circle, and greeted me. Victor asked where I was going. I told them I was going to "buy something" in Chinese. Then I elaborated: "I'm going to buy something called Fifty Basket (a drink shop)". And I ran out of there. I knew with that lame excuse some of them would be bound to chase after me, and so I ran. I ran over the familiar swimming pool & resort landscape from my unwritten dream on 5/21. My adrenaline surged, and I was losing the dream. I was able to salvage it, however.

    Finally I vaulted a fence and at the other side, Banana came over with a bundle of the pink supplements in the shape of a lotus. He told me, "You do know this is just a dream, right?" I replied wistfully: "Can't I take this into the real world?"
    But here I'd already become lucid. I wanted to stay lucid for longer. I walked about on the now empty and sandy place, changing night into day. I lay on the ground and tried to change the medium I was lying on, to no success. I then decided to have random sex, so I changed the dreamscape into a beach with more people. Most of the people resisted my advances, so eventually I grabbed a green electric toothbrush and went for it. The feeling was intense. I could hear a voice saying, "This is what is meant by libertarian sex(uality)", and "99.9%" of something. Then I came violently, already half awake and feeling myself pulse in bed, and woke up.

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