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    7/4/2011 - Asking a Question

    by , 07-04-2011 at 01:37 PM (691 Views)
    I remember this to be a very stable, vivid LD, yet I have not much recollection about it, seeing that several bouts of dreams followed this one.

    I am in a long, white room. It seems like a game room of some sort. (Like a pool room without pool tables.) I become lucid in a way I can't remember, perhaps automatically. At first I have difficulty moving, but thankfully it subsides when I begin talking. "Since this is only a dream, can you answer a question?" I ask the big crowd made up of my class. They are standing in very neat rows, and I in front of them.

    "What do I do with Sho?" I ask. (Somehow I know he is not present) Howard comes forward and instantly answers.

    "You need to let go of the things he doesn't know you don't have," he says.

    I am dumbstruck. I had expected an insightful answer from my own mind to help me solve my life problems; instead I get utterly nonsensical and 100% incomprehensible garble. Even for dream talk, this is ridiculous. (Now that I think back, what did I expect? It was a dream; it's my subconscious after all. And a little bit of analysis in waking life allowed me to decipher its meaning.)

    "What?" I answer. He instantly repeats the sentence he'd said, louder and more impatiently.

    I decide to move on with my dream goals. I spend a little time thinking. When I look down, two bright pinkish-red high-heeled slippers are waiting for me. I put them on, stand in front of the rows of classmates, and click the heels, thinking, "I wanna go somewhere Sho is." Weirdly, this doesn't happen. He appears in front of me instead. I think he then shoots me with a cannon or something, but I don't remember anything that happened after that.

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