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    7/4/2011 - Asking a Question

    by NoctemConArtist on 07-04-2011 at 01:37 PM
    I remember this to be a very stable, vivid LD, yet I have not much recollection about it, seeing that several bouts of dreams followed this one.

    I am in a long, white room. It seems like a game room of some sort. (Like a pool room without pool tables.) I become lucid in a way I can't remember, perhaps automatically. At first I have difficulty moving, but thankfully it subsides when I begin talking. "Since this is only a dream, can you answer a question?" I ask the big crowd made up of my class. They are standing in very neat rows, and I in front of them.

    "What do I do with Sho?" I ask. (Somehow I know he is not present) Howard comes forward and instantly answers.

    "You need to let go of the things he doesn't know you don't have," he says.

    I am dumbstruck. I had expected an insightful answer from my own mind to help me solve my life problems; instead I get utterly nonsensical and 100% incomprehensible garble. Even for dream talk, this is ridiculous. (Now that I think back, what did I expect? It was a dream; it's my subconscious after all. And a little bit of analysis in waking life allowed me to decipher its meaning.)

    "What?" I answer. He instantly repeats the sentence he'd said, louder and more impatiently.

    I decide to move on with my dream goals. I spend a little time thinking. When I look down, two bright pinkish-red high-heeled slippers are waiting for me. I put them on, stand in front of the rows of classmates, and click the heels, thinking, "I wanna go somewhere Sho is." Weirdly, this doesn't happen. He appears in front of me instead. I think he then shoots me with a cannon or something, but I don't remember anything that happened after that.

    6/18/11 - Sex! (kind of)

    by NoctemConArtist on 06-18-2011 at 03:27 PM
    I am watching an advertisement - it seems like one about "independent spending". It starts off with a classic McDonald's Golden Arches animation and text that says "MacMicDonald". Then a woman on a sports field starts talking about how her mother controlled all her bank money. The next is a young girl kicking a soccerball around the green playground at school. This makes me become lucid, but it doesn't last for very long before I lose lucidity.

    Later, I salvage the "independent spending" advertisement dream. At the soccerball/green playground scene I become lucid again. This time I am able to hold it. I walk a bit through the playground and quickly end up in the classroom. (I remember seeing several classmates.) I know I can find my guy.

    I soon see the back of him. He's wearing his red shirt. He turns around - he looks the way he did at the SAT. I grab his shoulders and try to pull him towards me, but to my surprise, he pushes me away rather forcefully with quite a defensive expression. I hesitate, a bit shocked having a dream character refuse me. I try again, and this time he doesn't resist. I kiss him in the mouth, then tongue him. Suddenly we're in the bedroom (or another comfortable place). I straddle him and ride him for a few seconds, and try to roll over so that he can fuck me from the top. But the pleasure is too extreme
    and I wake up pulsating... (and feeling awesome. :])

    Updated 06-18-2011 at 04:19 PM by NoctemConArtist


    6/8/11 - Can't Turn My Head.

    by NoctemConArtist on 06-08-2011 at 10:55 AM
    I become lucid using an RC for the first time in ages. I look at the second word of an unremembered phrase, then look again - sure enough, it has changed from a word beginning with "O" to a word beginning with "Liru".

    Following kraid's advice, I begin exploring the dream instead of doing anything extravagant. The place seems to be an exponentially larger, more modern version of my house. (My dreams almost never happen in the house, large or otherwise.) It's also completely deserted. I walk through the empty halls, engaging my sense of touch. I also open a wooden door and lick the edge.

    Eventually I wind up in the vast living room. There is a man sleeping on the reclining sofa. Hoping that it is Shadewink, I approach, and see that it is my brother. I cannot change him into Shadewink either. I don't dare disturb him for fear that he'd wake up - it does not occur to me that he is a DC I could ask questions to.

    I am also looking for Dorothy's teleporting slippers (one of my dream goals). I can't find any footwear except two plastic pinkish bathroom slippers. Now I put them on and click the 'heels', and they don't work. I try to repaint my surroundings instead - that doesn't work either.

    The dream skips (or perhaps it's a chronology problem). I'm lying in my bed again, looking up at the ceiling. The ceiling becomes much more brightly colored, and I realize that I'm staring at the real life ceiling. I instantly go back to sleep and do a successful DEILD that didn't last long / I don't remember.

    In a later dream I have a false awakening. The hand RC doesn't work anymore, but somehow, the dialogue of two characters makes me realize I'm still dreaming. I then find that I can't turn my head. (Extreme mobility problems are common in my LDs.) It's stuck in a 90 degree position as I lie on my bed. At first I'm also unable to get up, but eventually I succeed. However, my head is still skewed. I try to walk around but it's a major inconvenience. I don't get very far before I wake up again.

    I have a non-lucid in which my brother reveals to my mom he has been reading my offline dream journal. I protest that "it's personal!" (what an understatement!) but he says that it's been lying out there in the open. I remember being extremely upset.


    I did stay lucid for a decent 3-5 minutes or more, so that's an improvement from my more recent shitty ones. This is also the first dream in many recent ones in which I successfully used an RC. I should stick with text RCs and maybe try to get my hand RC back. I should also probably expect my next LDs to be immobility-free, stable, engaging and exciting, so that they'll turn out that way.


    Updated 06-08-2011 at 11:10 AM by NoctemConArtist


    5/22/2011 - This is....a funny one

    by NoctemConArtist on 05-22-2011 at 02:02 PM
    Note: These DCs are real people, but the names have been changed to protect privacy.

    It started off non-lucid in a pool/chill room of some sort. Banana was saying some suggestive things about Rolleyes and I again. Shadewink, sitting next to a fireplace, heard it and asked, "Alex's in love?" I sat down next to him and said no, but not emphatically, to show I was in love with him. We talked for a bit about love. I forgot the specifics. It felt so real.

    [scene missing]

    I somehow became the babysitter in a family with a 5-year-old serial killer lunatic boy. It was exactly like a horror movie. I was alone in the house, then I turned and saw the boy grinning with a dagger in his hand. I had to keep a lookout for him, and he always appeared where I wasn't looking. I managed to dodge all his attacks. On the last attack I dodged, he pulled out a fork next, and somehow I made him land in the laundry hamper, which I pushed out a door that I then closed.

    Then the family came home. The two daughters wanted to take a shower, and I joined them. I saw the eldest had big breasts and she was taking small, paper-thin supplements, so I asked, "Does it work?" She said yes. I asked if I could have some. (The younger daughter said "No!" as if not wanting me to change who I am.) She told me I'd be able to get them in a mystical garden, which was shown to me. But first, I had to return in a time machine to a time in the middle of things - in medias res.

    So I then returned to the pool/chill room. Without me (and Banana, or Shadewink, it seemed), they'd gotten Dennis, who was passed out on the floor anyway. I went into the next room; the guys were sitting n a circle, and greeted me. Victor asked where I was going. I told them I was going to "buy something" in Chinese. Then I elaborated: "I'm going to buy something called Fifty Basket (a drink shop)". And I ran out of there. I knew with that lame excuse some of them would be bound to chase after me, and so I ran. I ran over the familiar swimming pool & resort landscape from my unwritten dream on 5/21. My adrenaline surged, and I was losing the dream. I was able to salvage it, however.

    Finally I vaulted a fence and at the other side, Banana came over with a bundle of the pink supplements in the shape of a lotus. He told me, "You do know this is just a dream, right?" I replied wistfully: "Can't I take this into the real world?"
    But here I'd already become lucid. I wanted to stay lucid for longer. I walked about on the now empty and sandy place, changing night into day. I lay on the ground and tried to change the medium I was lying on, to no success. I then decided to have random sex, so I changed the dreamscape into a beach with more people. Most of the people resisted my advances, so eventually I grabbed a green electric toothbrush and went for it. The feeling was intense. I could hear a voice saying, "This is what is meant by libertarian sex(uality)", and "99.9%" of something. Then I came violently, already half awake and feeling myself pulse in bed, and woke up.

    Updated 05-22-2011 at 03:45 PM by NoctemConArtist

    lucid , non-lucid

    2/4/11 - Flying Win, DEILD Fail.

    by NoctemConArtist on 02-04-2011 at 09:21 AM
    I found myself standing near a street in a bleak greyish city. I was next to a random Indian guy, who asked me what he could do in a dream. I asked him, "Why not jump in front of that car and see what happens when you die?"

    He gave me a shocked and scared look. Then I said, "Why not try flying?"

    "How do you fly?" he asked.

    "Like this!" I answered. And I jumped up into the air - and fell back down. I quickly realized that I hadn't let go of gravity. Then I tried again, jumping up, and as I was falling down I started doing breaststrokes in the air. It worked! I was swimming through the air, not very gracefully (flailing limbs), but I was ascending. I was flying upwards, and I could see a greenish-brown mountain from up over the buildings of the grey city. A song was playing in my head as I flew - I forgot the song. I then started worrying about flying too high or too fast, or losing focus because of the song, so I made a turn and landed next to the Indian again.

    I asked him what his name was, and a black rectangle flashed on front of my eyes for an instant. Then he cocked his head to the right and said very cheekily, "Nnnno." Then the dream instantly wrapped in black, and I woke.

    Since it was a lucid dream, I caught the waking point immediately, and I realized I'd woken; so I decided to try my first DEILD, and didn't open my eyes or move. I felt my eyes and hand twitching, but other than that I tried hard to keep still.

    Soon, I began seeing something in the back of my eyelids. Text instructions to DEILD appeared on a blue screen. I waited a bit longer, and the screen progressed into a "lucid-ability gauging" test, as if to test if you were good enough to enter LD, or to get you ready for one. It involved moving black pool balls in a water tank by telekinesis. First, an example run of one ball being moved; then a whole bundle of pool balls (in the triangular shape usually seen when placing pool balls together on a table) was dropped into the tank. I can't remember clearly, but I think I passed the test, as I was able to move on.

    After that, I waited a bit longer, and the drill/static hybrid noise I usually hear during hypnagogic hallucinations came. I saw a final text instruction - "Remember not to move or open your eyes" - but I felt myself twitching. Orange epileptic light was flashing in front of and behind my eyes. I remember a voice saying, "It took me one minute of Chinese lightning..." However, I felt my eyes twitching even more.

    In the end, I wasn't able to be wrapped into the hallucinations into a dream. Instead, I woke up. I realized I hadn't focused on the black behind my eyelids. I'd been bordering on opening my eyes.

    Goddammit. Almost there.

    Updated 02-04-2011 at 10:04 AM by NoctemConArtist