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    1. Iced Coffee (LD)

    by , 08-06-2023 at 09:47 PM (129 Views)
    1. Iced Coffee (LD)
    I'm in an outdoor area near a large concrete wall with an alcove area. I'm thinking of my previous dream and how I should have gotten lucid. I hope I still have enough time to get lucid for the night. I suddenly realize I'm dreaming! I fly up a bit to the top portion of a concrete ledge set into the alcove. I float back down onto the ground level and begin thinking about what I want to focus on. I remember that I wanted to focus on something simple, yet that will help play around with stabilizing as well as scoring points in competition. I imagine a hot cocoa on the ground behind me. It's not there when I turn around, so I head a bit further in the bright morning sun. The area is fully paved with cream colored concrete and extends far to the left, and has a small area hidden away behind a wall to my right. I imagine some cocoa would be there, and as I turn there's a small drink area. I begin searching for cups, yet only see lids. I imagine that I'll find a cup when I reach into the pile and one appears in my hand. I put it under one of the drink dispensers, and dark liquid starts coming out. I turn around and go to taste it, however it tastes like iced coffee - not bad actually. I continue to head forward and the scene transitions directly into an outdoor mall area. I see escalators in front of me heading to an upstairs area, yet there are stores on the lower level as well. A young female with light skin and long blonde hair quickly and eagerly approaches trying to flirt with me and show interest. My waking memory kicks in and I turn her down ignoring her, telling her I'm married. I continue to glide up the elevators and I'm soon on the upstairs level. I think back to several dream goals a consider which to pursue. I think of multiplying, but there's nothing in the immediate area. The girl continues to follow me throughout the whole scene, speaking loudly and trying to get my attention, begging me to interact with her. I keep simply ignoring her, telling myself mentally that it's not H, although it would be a good idea to find her in the dream. I move on to my next goal: finding my dream guide. I wonder how I'm going to approach this as I turn to my right to an opening in the wall, granting a view to the large room to my right with vaulted ceilings. There are many people inside, many of which appear to be dancing. I'm thinking about how I'm going to find my dream guide, and am getting ready to shout out for him or her. I begin to glide down, but as I reach the bottom, I wake up.

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