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    Desert Wall; Zero Gravity Meditation

    by , 08-13-2016 at 12:51 AM (420 Views)
    1. I'm standing on a path winding through a desert. The path is situated next to a low stone wall on my left, and small green shrubs are scattered down the pathway. It's day time, and the few people throughout the pathway tell me I need to change my position to the other side of the path. I understand that a small stampede of animals is about to come through. My body is a bit tough to move, and I think to myself "If I was lucid right now, this would be way easier"I suddenly realize I'm in a dream, my hands come out in front of me, and I say "I'm lucid". I turn to my left and see the low, light colored desert wall winding. My body is very encumbered, and I want more mobility. I tell myself "Eric, this is a dream; this isn't real. You can do anything you want." I gain mobility and get on top of the wall. Visuals soon fade and I end up in the void. I stay here for a bit waiting for a bit
    then have a FA with a bit higher awareness. I feel someone is entering the house, yet feel protected by my german shepherd next to me.
    I then begin to realize I'm in a dream state, and relax my body.
    I'm lucid during an OBE style entry. Iím sliding off the bed and sinking into the ground slowly and see the carpet approaching. I relax my body and mind as I know the typical process I go through in this situation. I keep excitement in check as I come very close to landing my face and entire body on the carpet. Iím preparing to stand up, then feel S nudge my body roughly in RL in her sleep. I feel myself pulling back into my waking body but try to keep anchored. I wake up.

    2. I find myself lucid as I enter a void area, and decide to start meditating as I become aware of my dream body. Once I begin, I have the mental image of a silhouette of my body rotating in all directions in a 3-Dimensional plane. I feel the rotations as I continue. I decide focus more on the concentrative aspect, and enter into a shamatha meditation. It becomes grounded and focused very quickly. I then begin demanding clarity and focus verbally and my senses increase. I clap a few times, and hear the sound very vividly. I want to the dream scene to begin, so I ask verbally and await a response. FA waking next to bed sitting in half lotus trying to re-enter a dream lucidly. I soon wake up.
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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      That was really intense to read. Rotating in all directions in a 3-D plane. Not to mention your technique. Congrats on your near OBE or partial one. I'm a little fuzzy on which. But very interesting indeed.
    2. Oneirin's Avatar
      Thanks Elaineylane! I used to have those types of entries years ago when I started getting into LDing, and I would usually just 'get crushed into the ground' after sliding off of my bed. Then I'd get some mobility and stand up and walk around the bedroom etc. I need to start reading some of your competition dreams.