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    Haven't been here for a while but...

    by , 01-04-2017 at 06:39 PM (732 Views)
    I had a very successful lucid dream night. And I even took a nap and was lucid. Here's what I put in my journal on my phone...

    I'm in a bed looking out the window. I see someone snowboarding down a hill trying to go down. Also someone is sleeping on the floor near me in the room I'm in.

    I must have had 3 or 4 lucid dreams last night. Went back to bed and remembered part of another dream.

    I see a girl I know the dream is about her.

    I'm in my grandparents room upstairs in California. I'm really tired. I think I didn't leave the van where it was suppose to be for work. I even thought I took someone's backpack. I try to call my boss from a tablet but it's not the right person.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Oh wow, nice! Would you like to join us in doing the tasks of the month? Tons of fun and great motivation. Hope to see you here http://www.dreamviews.com/tasks-mont...ml#post2209566
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    2. oneiroer's Avatar
      I'll look at them and consider. Thanks for liking my journal entry gab.
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    3. gab's Avatar
      Even if you don't like these tasks, just come in and tell us maybe why. You can suggest new ones, everybody can, and then if you do at least one task for this month, you will get to vote on next month's tasks.
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    4. oneiroer's Avatar
      These two sound interesting! I'm in.

      Advanced Task i - Ask a pencil to draw something. (Naturalspirit)
      Advanced Task ii - Get on an alien spaceship. Describe what you see. (Spaceline)
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