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    Random LD of the day

    by , 09-13-2017 at 06:02 AM (165 Views)
    1. I am walking on a bridge that is a part of some huge castle. My friend Dylan is walking along with me. We come to the end of the bridge and see two baby dragons, gold and black in color(75% black 25% gold ratio). We go up to them with zero hesitation or worries that we could be killed. We begin to pet them, and they seem to thoroughly enjoy the affection. Though I somehow "knew" these dragons were babies, their size was equivalent to a full grown medium sized dog.
    Without warning, Dylan suddenly hops onto the baby dragon that he was petting. The dragon goes crazy for a moment but then calms down. Somehow Dylan controls the dragon and gets it to start flying while he is on the back of it. I watch in amazement wondering how he did it. "Just get on the dragon dude, but you have to believe!" he yells from above. Immediately I got onto the dragon, attempting to treat it with respect, and I try to take off. The dragon goes for a running lift off, but it does not work. "Remember dude, just belieeevvveee" I hear Dylan say once more from way off in the distance.
    The dragon and I give it another go, and this time I am fully believing in a solid successful take-off. Sure enough, off we go into the air. Seconds later after becoming airborne the dragon disappears into thin air. I am now flying by myself. "This is a dream, I am dreaming" I say out loud to myself. Now lucid, I take in the moment and concentrate my awareness. I look around for Dylan but he is long gone. I am now flying around the castle and it's courtyard. I realize just how massive the entire castle is. As I continue flying around in a quite graceful manner, I look down and see a huge crowd of people completely taking up an entire bridge.
    They seem to be having a party considering everyone is socializing, music is playing, and huge breen and white beachballs the size of a small car are being thrown about. Unintentionally, I crash land. Luckily nobody got hurt. I start making conversation with the people around me and even hit one of the beachballs once.
    As you can tell, I've now gotten distracted.

    Note: The dream continued on but I don't remember the rest due to an abrupt awakening by an urgent need to pee.

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