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    10/16 - 10/17

    by , 10-26-2014 at 10:52 PM (326 Views)
    Long, complicated, hard to explain dream. It started with some sort of high school event. I went outside with my coat and wallet, threw up, (something about being pulled down stairs?), then went back inside my house to sleep. Ris (my boyfriend) came over. Later, was pulled down the stairs. Fighting with parents, got in trouble, apparently ruined my wallet and coat in the rain in the middle of the night. Ris called his mom to ask her a question, she was going to call him back. Still fighting with my parents. Something about a lunch/event in the high school cafeteria several days before a bigger one. Think I might have gone to the lunch/event with Ris (side note - I didn't know him back in high school) then came back home. More fighting. I talked to Julie (his mom) or left her a text/voicemail. Our house started to get worked on by a bunch of people. Gates were put up at driveways so only certain/qualified people could get in. Signs/pieces of paper were put up around our house, don't remember exactly what they said. Saw Connie and another person (in the same vehicle- truck?) pull in, talk to someone, and toss something on the ground. My mom asked me to go out to her and tell/ask or give her something, so I put my boots on and went out. By the time I got out there, she was gone, so I looked around. There were lots of cars parked in rows. May have started to take pictures. Connie came back, and I did what my mom wanted me to. She asked me if I wanted to see something cool, then tossed something on the ground, and it started moving around. She explained that it was a "mechanical Fido" and we laughed/talked about it. She went on to what she needed to do, and I started to look around again and maybe take pictures. Got a phone call back from Julie, so I answered, she first asked about driving then we moved onto other topics. I must have gotten into a truck and sat there. At some point Karlen? came up and got into the truck, said he had to move it but I could stay in it if I wanted to. I was still on the phone with Julie and did stay in the truck. He joked around some, swung the truck around and almost hit a line of cars, but didn't. I then got somewhere else (the command center?) but not sure how. There was a computer there. My brother and dad were there as well at some point, helping. Can't remember what the problem was or what they were helping with. I ended up getting involved somehow. A computer program was involved, started malfunctioning or got a virus or something. We went somewhere strange (a cave?) trying to either find or fix something. I was with them. There was some sort of a video game/story that started to become real. I had to jump and dodge stuff. At some point, other characters became involved (Morgan, maybe Ziva or Prentiss), somehow in the video game/story. There was something about the bad guy escaping, something about my mom leaving for a long time because of it, there was a means of escape called by the bad guy but she (or Ziva/Prentiss?) had already taken care of the bad guy and either she called it or the bad guy did before he was taken care of, was going to need to do something in order to reduce suspicion/problems etc, cover up of some sort? Don't remember if she ended up going off or not, may have woken up before the end of the situation.

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