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    1. Laying down, haunted hotel 03/21/2013

      by , 03-22-2013 at 02:01 AM
      I was laying face down on a beach. I realized that someone was standing over me, I turned around and it was PW. She was smiling at me, and she was really pretty. She had her hair up in a ponytail, with small black hoop earrings, and a black & white stripe t-shirt.

      I was at a club and I told his girl that I've never done something before. She asked me if I'll like to now and I told her yes. She dragged me out of the place to another section of the building. It was an open space, with a stage with two sets of chair on each side. There was already an audience in front of us. Two people came up to us and we switched partners. I ended up with the guy and she with the girl. I got really nervous and sweaty, with my heart beating fast. --- I was at the third level of the building. I walked downstairs to the second and it was dark, and the first level was just as dark too. There were no lights, except for the moon shine coming through the windows. I spot the main entrance but I remembered coming through a side door. I found the side door and opened it. It leads outside but I wasn't on ground floor. I walked on a railing attached to the wall. I got to the other side, with a glass door to another building. There was a table with a vase of flower behind the door. I manged to get inside cause the door opens toward me. I don't remember climbing over or under the table. This building is just as dark as the other. I appeared on second floor, and found a gleam of golden light while looking around. I then remembered that AA and I got a room in this hotel/mansioni. I felt so relieved while walking toward it. I went inside the room to find AA sleeping in bed. I thought to take a shower before sleeping, but I was really crept out, and saw sleeping as the safest thing to do. AA suddenly sat up with open eyes but fell back down right away. I then remembered the hotel's haunted. fml. I heard a sound at the end table. I looked toward it and found a tiny golden frame square with a picture inside it. The picture was in the style of a tarot card. I got a bad feeling and picked it up. I was feeling the square when a set of card came out. The blank side (with a logo) was facing up. I laid the cards out one by one on the bed, a total of around 10 cards. I flipped them over one by one but I got up for some reason before I was finished. When I turned back around to sit down, the cards were back on their blank side.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Paper, Classroom, Running 08/28/2012

      by , 08-28-2012 at 08:20 PM
      I was holding a piece of paper that describes the differences between being a girl and a woman. I don't remember reading it.

      I was in a classroom, it was almost the start of class. I went out to the hallway and went to these 2 tables and chairs under a bulletin board. I squatted next to this girl, with my head facing her. Two girls came and stood next to me reading the board. The girl sitting down looked at the girls, then looked at me and gave me a look(that the girls are not worthy?). I gave a look back to her agreeing. She took out a small notebook, wrote down either her address or number and gave the paper to me. The teacher started taking roll, and asked me why am I out there squatting.

      I was running with PW hand in hand. When I pull her forward, she would speed up and pull ME forward, making me run faster. That goes back and forth while we run.

      12AM - 10AM
      non-lucid , nightmare