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    Old friends/dad

    by , 06-06-2021 at 12:35 AM (57 Views)
    I was friends with Anna and Haley again, in me and Raph's room at night.
    We sat on the weird chairs watching a movie and I was eating a bag of Welch's fruit snacks, and Anna was talking about how gross she recently finds snacking and how her brain can't equate it to eating food. She uses M&Ms as an example. I say I feel the same way about how foreign Necco wafers are--envisioning a brittle pink one softening and snapping under my tongue.

    I think about how I'm glad that them breaking off into their own band revived our friendship dynamic and brought things back to how they were in the beginning (only happened in the dream LOL)

    For some reason there's an inside joke where a person gets pulled up to heaven like a ragdoll by their foot. We each raise one foot clumsily, trying not to kick over the TV, and there's some song from a movie that we sing.
    And they stand up and we break into some sort of stupid dance, and end it raising our hands towards the ceiling and twiddling our hands, and I envision translucent red strips of light and thin golden threads arcing from the tips of our fingers, to the ground like a fountain, and we double upon ourselves and laugh for minutes straight.


    It's a wet, foggy, muggy day.
    Dad and I are walking along the fens on the way to Star Market, but the area feels much bigger and sparser. There is a big white van that drives off the path and nearly disappears into a deep puddle, which we know to be from 'It Follows' (?).
    He's wearing an article of my clothing (brown pants? fluffy sweater?) and we're laughing and playing hide and seek around the thick trees as we make our way. Then we're walking up a hill towards the brick buildings, with a big concrete wall of a bridge on my right, and I know my hair looks stupid.
    We get into downtown and the buildings are narrow and crowded like in fallout 4 - there's a bridge overhead that blocks the sky and drips fat cold drops of rainwater. People are crowded waiting to cross the street, and there's small fogged-up windows to restaurants that seem more like glass phone booths. I peek my head over the small crowd as the bus to Hyannis pulls into place, through a thick puddle.

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