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    fake alarm

    by , 04-03-2024 at 06:00 AM (26 Views)
    I was in the dining room at home when I got lucid randomly. My memory sucked in this ld too so I didn't really remember anything I planned in real life and just ended up flying around for the most part. The area outside the window didn't look like it should. After focusing on my sight for a bit, which made the dream more stable and vivid, I phased through the window in front of me and started flying around without a goal or destination in mind. I heard someone I know from discord sing in my mind at this point. I remembered him telling me that he has lds sometimes where he talks to people in a voice chat, thinking he is asleep and hears the voice chat from real life. I knew this wasn't real though. After a few seconds of flying and then landing on the ground, I had a really bad youtuber song play in my mind this time. I started flying again and the next thing I remember is being in an area that doesn't exist in real life. It was a playground surrounded by trees, with a carpet in the middle of the sand that had a wooden table on it for some reason. I landed and kicked over the table on purpose while doing so. Shortly after that, I got startled by the sound of my alarm playing and the sound of my phone vibrating. I was surprised not to have woken up yet, but I decided that I'd wake up anyway so I might as well let myself wake up. I just kinda "let go" of the dream and woke up, to find out that no alarm was going off in real life and my next wbtb alarm would've been in like 20 minutes.
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