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    Jumping out of windows is scary

    by , 04-09-2024 at 06:03 AM (63 Views)
    I got lucid by doing the nose pinching rc. I got up from my bed and grounded myself in the dream, which stabilized it. I decided to just jump out of the window and fly. Not sure why I don't remember any of the goals for the competition. I phased through the closed window and jumped off the ledge. That was pretty scary this time, I actually felt scared of falling but forced myself to do it anyway. I started flying up and when I looked back, the area looked completely different. I didn't even notice anything had changed. Funnily enough, I actually tried to see if anything would change after this. That made me mindful and the mindfulness seemed to make things more coherent, at least while it lasted. I lost that again quickly. After flying for like half a minute I decided to land and look around. It was raining and kinda cold so I went into this restaurant. I started talking to a waiter right at the entrance and then woke up.
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