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    1. of course im not emotional

      by , 10-05-2013 at 05:29 AM
      this is a lucid dream within a dream. it confuses me too. anyway:

      i'm on my bed with this chubby chick. she's telling me about her violent past. then i become lucid, and in a moment of clarity, i realize i dont have to listen to this. and then i realize that a dream is the perfect place to play out your sexual fantasies

      i start kissing the girl, and i can feel that i'm losing awareness. then there is a flash of someone eating me out, and then i completely lose lucidity

      because i 'wake up' and go to school, think about my dream and what it means, and get on my laptop

      and then i really wake up on my couch, feeling a bit of 'wtf'