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    Explosions in Reverse

    by , 07-28-2013 at 06:58 PM (336 Views)
    okay this was a really wild but I'll start with the crazy part so I was dressed in blue with the whole bunch of other people from my class we're all in blue and one of us is dying and the reason where there is because we're wanting to show the person who is dying an amazing sight to describe the area it's faded baby brown and were on top of a building where in another room on top of the building its open all the intrances don't have doors the windows don't have glass in them just open transportation vehicles Airport peopl vehicles Airport people use when they're on the ta next to planes some of us wants to jump them really just one person but we don't as we begin to walk away I see smoke in the distance on the horizon I've seen it before the only now I begin to question it I ask someone about it who's next to me as soon as I do bright flashlight start to come from a smoke like some things exploding I feel like I expected that then everybody starts talking about who died in the explosion like they were there and I'm confused because I was with them in tire time and we were nowhere near the explosion with one of with one of my friends girlfriends I'm looking through the big window in my living room thinking about the explosion I hold my camera up my phone camera in front of me and I can see the explosion on my phone scream like I'm recording it but when I look past the phone its its just my from yard through the glass window I reverse video to see the explosion is a building with tons and tons of rock falling down on people its horrific but awesome!! ! My friend's girlfriend is kinda rubbing all over me as I do this I am like what the f*** then I wake up

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