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    Lightsaber dual/ ski slopes

    by , 03-16-2011 at 09:26 PM (601 Views)
    For the first part of the dream I remember watching watching Obi-Wan Kenobi battling this big droid with 4 lightsabers, like from Episode III. In my dream, Obi-Wan was wielding 2 lightsabers, and the battle was taking place in this dark circular room, with a bunch of people gathered around watching.


    This battle went on for a really long time, and my perspective was always changing, like a movie. Obi-Wan would turn off his lightsabers a lot to try and confuse the droid, and then turn them on when he got close, and they'd go into the droid's sides. I woke up at some point during all of this.

    In my next dream I found myself on a ski slope, with skis on. Which is odd because I haven't skied since I was little, I'm a snowboarder. Anyways, my mom was there and we were skiing down this huge never-ending hill together. I was going so fast, and I could do all these crazy tricks like skiing on one foot and doing a 360 as I'm flying down the hill. I remember there was this other section where there was a bunch of little bumps in the snow and I could get crazy air off of them, even when I was going slightly uphill at parts. Eventually I was going so fast it was insane. I was in a third person perspective at this point, and was leaning really hard in order to turn. I was starting to get afraid that I would fall and get really messed up, due to the speed I was going.

    I see the road approaching as I'm coming down the hill, and there's a frozen lake off to the left of it. I aim for the lake, and it cracks under me, but I'm going too fast to get wet. But I fall over to my side and skid out onto the road. Then I tumble like crazy (I'm still watching this happen to me from a third person perspective), and I when I stop rolling I can see my mom coming down the hill towards me. My body is pretty limp, but I start mumbling something. She picks up my head and there's a bunch of red snow under it from the blood. I could feel my dream fogging up and coming to and end at this point, and then I woke up. ~

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