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    1. The Desert

      by , 03-15-2011 at 09:20 PM (Raphael's dream journal)
      Ok so I finally decided to start this thing up.

      So today I woke up and immediately had to go run an errand so I didn't have time to write this one down right after waking. It's been about an hour now, so this one will be mostly fragments. [COLOR="blue"]Blue = Lucid parts[/COLOR]

      I remember having to perform a stage play in front of a big auditorium. One of my friends was up there with me and we doing all kinds of crazy shit, we were rolling around and pretending to fight each. People were laughing hysterically. My parents were in the audience taking pictures of us and cheering. After the show my friend and I started walking through this desert area, and we stopped in this Mexican food joint. I ordered a few of those big soft pretzels and my friend ordered something and sat down at a table. After standing there for about what seemed like 10 minutes my food still hadn't been prepared, so I asked the lady behind the counter and she's like "Oh sorry I forgot about you!"

      So I sit down at the table with my food finally, and see that my friend had been waiting for me that whole time and hadn't touched his food. So we start eating and talking about the performance. After that I remember we were walking through the desert area again and there were a bunch of bombed out cars.


      It reminded me of the movie Jarhead somewhat, except instead of dead charred bodies in the cars, there were men raping each other, and some having consensual gay sex. [COLOR="blue"]I became lucid at this part, because I realized why I was seeing this. I had watched a movie last night called Irreversible, and it involved a lot of homo-eroticism. I chose not to take control of the dream, I just looked around at what was happening, it was all strangely calming to me. At this point I don't think the dream was very vivid, and I don't remember what happened after this point. [/COLOR]~

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