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    Raphael's dream journal

    Reliving the school days

    by , 04-20-2011 at 07:17 PM (584 Views)
    This one is kinda abstract and all over the place. Naturally it made perfect sense in the dream, and it was really nostalgic for me.

    The first thing I remember is driving into this plaza area by my house which has the local movie theater. As I drive past the theater, there's this huge wide open parking lot area that isn't there in real life. There's tons of people I knew from high school mixed in with other people all partying there. They have barbeque grills and everything, with coolers and people walking around. There's a lot of groups of people in a circle talking, and it reminded me of high school. There were also these big empty oil drums with fire coming out of them (which I think might be a dream sign for me). I remember it getting close to night time, and there was some music playing I think. In the rest of the dream it's day time though. I drive past slowly and then park the car somewhere. As I get out I'm walking back towards the theater, and I see this tennis court is right up against the curb, the net is perpendicular to it, and I see a girl I knew from high school. She looks a lot different now, I stand and watch them play for a while.

    Then I run into my old friend Matt. We start prank calling people with his phone. It's weird, because he just automatically knows everyone's number. He'll pick someone out of the crowd and dial their number, then we laugh as the person answers his/her phone and looks around confused. He never says anything, he just hangs up. So this goes on for a while, and we walk into this one building by the theater. In real life there's just a little shop there, but Inside it's like a college dorm, and there's a big wooden spiral staircase in the room.


    I don't remember exactly what happened after we prank called people in there. The next thing I remember is the feeling that I went back in time to my middle school days. It's P.E. time, and I'm singled out by the coach (who I remember being Roger Ebert, but I don't ever remember actually seeing him). Next thing I know, I'm in this big open grass field, and there's tall chain-link fences surrounding it. I want to learn some gymnast moves, but he keeps telling me to make a name tag. After I do, it's never good enough, so I have to keep making more, with markers and different colors. Then he wants to see my roll technique, so I roll around on the ground and he gives me pointers. After I do it exactly how he wants, he still won't teach me anything else. I'm able to do backflips and all this crazy acrobatic stuff, but he keeps wanting me to make name tags. In the very back of the "cage" of chain link fences, I see this one kid who I instantly hate. He's trying to compete with me, and keeps giving me these dirty looks. I think we end up fighting, but I don't remember.

    The next thing I remember is jumping over the chain link fence, and then some others as they get smaller and smaller the farther I get away. Climbing them is so easy and quick for me, and it's really fun. That's the last thing I remember from the dream. ~

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