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    I was magicial

    by , 05-09-2011 at 11:36 PM (616 Views)
    Slightly lucid, just didn't have enough focus and vividness to do anything with it. So I'm not counting this as my first lucid
    Woke up after way too long and was just in the middle of a dream that probably could have gone for a lot longer, I attempted a DEILD

    I entered the dream:

    I was in a gymnasium at an old High School, it was the first day of school and everyone was pretty much frantic and lost. I kept trying to find my friend Nicole to say Hi to her but I never found her. Eventually I run into this DC who looks almost like someone I know but not quite, it looked like it was a sister of one of my friends. I asked her hey are you Claire's sister? She answered yes and you must be Derrick, I've heard about the things you do. (Idk what she was talking about) The last thing I remember was looking up at a basketball hoop that was above us and then she was gone and the bell rang to get to your first class. I sat through my first class, we worked on a project and it was quite boring. During this whole dream I had the feeling like I was 'magical' or I could do anything I wanted if I really wanted to, so I was slightly lucid. After the first class my schedule didn't show me clearly where to go from there to my next one, I was trying to find Mrs. Gruenkeys class, she was a foods teacher that I had while I was in High school, I assumed Nicole and Kelia would be there.

    I was a little pissed because I couldn't find my class so I thought "Ok, I'll just teleport out of here...." I teleported into my car and started driving on a very long Highway away from the school and where I live, I ended up in Airway Heights a place a ways away from my house. I looked at some sort of time device and it showed I had 5 minutes to get back to my second class. So I teleported back but it was too late, I waited for my third class and it finally started. I sat in the very back of the room in a desk, I had a feeling everyone thought I was weird, probably because I was sitting back there trying to conjure things and do magic :X I tried to show people how amazing I was but no one looked or cared. That's when I just gave up and laid my head on the desk and took a nap for 5 seconds. I woke back up to everyone yelling oh my god did you just see what Derrick did! He's magic I can't believe it! I don't know what I did because I was asleep, but they seemed to like it

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