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    1. Finally a DILD

      by , 06-27-2011 at 10:19 PM
      Normal Dream part:

      I woke up in my dream as a dirty 16 year old girl with huge ass braces, I guess I was homeless because I kept going to these weird underground locations where all these bums lived. They all knew me and talked to me, I was trying to hide that I had new clothes and was getting help to get out of this place. So I gathered my things and told them I'd be back later though I was telling a lie.
      I was now enrolled in school at Brentwood it was an elementary school. Although everyone I saw that was going there was not elementary age, there were little kids going there also. People kept calling me Derrick even though I was this disgusting home less girl, and I thought to myself why are people still talking to me when I look like this? At that point I morphed back and became semi lucid, because I knew that morphing is impossible. So I started to walk to my car to drive home.

      Lucid Part:

      I got into the car and performed a reality check, it was positive so I was in a dream. I started to drive away and it felt like normal driving, I stopped for lights but they would always turn green instantly I shouted while I was driving "Dream guide show yourself" nothing really answered but then I got a txt on my phone. It was complete gibberish but it had two numbers and then two words listed after them like a list.
      8. Purple
      Like that, so at least I know my dream guide exists now. The name that appeared on the caller ID was Chris I think. I was too caught up in the dream to change the scene I'm not used to DILD's everything is already going on but in a WBTB you make everything happen and appear at first. I didn't have much time before I woke up so that's pretty much it.
    2. Spell

      by , 06-21-2011 at 11:16 PM

      Woke up in my room as usual and then it was dark and I was pissed. So I cast a Harry Potter spell and the light turned on. I then warped through my door and tried to fly away but I floated and landed on a rock. I then proceeded into moving into the dark woods and a weird person
      with a strange costume on came up and said something then I woke up.

      Short but sweet ;x

      I also had a normal dream about rotten peaches.
      Tags: phase, trees, warp
    3. Crazy Lucid Nap + FA! Sensations

      by , 06-20-2011 at 12:05 PM
      So I 'woke up' in the dream about 15 minutes after I went to sleep, I hardly felt SP besides a little spinning in the head which was weird. I had the lucid dream at first in my room which is very normal for me. I did like five different reality checks because I couldn't believe that I was in a lucid, they all came out positive of course. Yet, I still didn't believe I was in a full lucid so I tried to close my eyes again and get deeper which is where the craziness starts. I visualized a new scene which was my full upstairs and kitchen. In real life I was about to bring some alcohol to my friend Nate's house so I had it sitting on the counter. So in my dream I pictured the alcohol there also, and it worked I appeared in my kitchen and my mom had just got home. She asked me why I had her alcohol on the counter. At that point I had the weirdest feeling I ever had in a dream I felt like I was super, super drunk. I was passing out everywhere I went like I was too tired and drunk. I couldn't answer any questions and I knew it was a dream so I felt no need to. I stumbled over to a wrap around table and laid my head down while she was still talking to me. She grabbed my face and started lightly slapping me and say Derrick come on wake up... What should I make for dinner tonight? I couldn't even respond I was passing out but I was still fully lucid the dream was not fading.
      I then appeared in my bed again, with some crazy sensations. By third eye area was going crazy with tonsss of pressure my body was waving like I was smoking weed, I was hallucinating like I was on shrooms and I still had the drunk feeling all at the same time. I also felt SP hitting me while I was in the lucid don't know how that happened, but the waves were going through all of my body, and certain pressure points hurt really bad. I tried to stand up in this false awakening which at the time I thought was reality, I managed to stand up but then I fell STRAIGHT on my face directly on my nose. At that point I knew I was in a dream because I felt like I floated before I hit the ground so I wasn't hurt, but it was a complete loss of muscle control.

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    4. Getting the hang of lucidity

      by , 06-16-2011 at 09:20 PM
      DEILD/WBTB- Exited a dream because I had to go to the bathroom so I did my usual routine and then went back to sleep. 2 minutes later I was in a lucid dream.

      I remember waking up and telling myself that I wanted to have clarity in this dream. So I kept using the word resolve to increase clarity, I was screaming it in the dream and it really worked. Everything would amplify once I said it. I first performed a nose plug to make sure I was dreaming, it came out positive so I started by trying to fly. I could never get myself to fly in my dreams so the first thing I did was jump in the air, I floated and came back down slowly. I then got into the superman position to try to fly and it worked but it didn't feel real at all, and I couldn't look around. I then had a false awakening, I suddenly just woke up in my bed from the dream and my parents were yelling at me. I did another nose plug and I was STILL in a dream, so I just kept going and ignored the stupid DC's. Next, I warped through the wall. I Always heard of people doing this and it seemed awsome.. It was
      I just walk straight through it and de atomize the door in the process, I could literally de construct things this time. But the wall or door was still intact once I moved through it. I looked at a desk I was walking by and said "resolve" out loud again everything grew vibrant and colorful. I remember there being a golden tulip and some red roses, along with a few pictures of people sitting on this desk. I had nothing left to practice on, so I tried summoning again. I can't quite just imagine it there and it'll be there but going into a closet and coming back out worked perfectly. It even surprised me in the dream when the DC was there... My parents came down while I was talking to a DC and were all pissed because I was smoking moldy weed apparently, they thought it could kill you. I never said a word to them but they just kept going on, I need to learn how to kill my DC's. A bunch of other stuff happened but I can't really remember, I've only been practicing dream control in lucids lately. If anyone has any tips or fun things to do please leave a comment or message me

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    5. Lucid, Dream control practice

      by , 06-06-2011 at 10:18 PM
      Had a lucid dream about 10 mins ago it's 2 in the afternoon (lol)
      I finally figured out that I am having VILD's visually induced lucid dreams, it works very well for me and I love it.
      10 hours of sleep, and it was probably an REM rebound
      Nothing really happens I just woke up and decided to try a WBTB to get some dream control practice I knew it wouldn't be long.

      It was 2 PM when I woke up, I set my alarm for 2:20 so I could try to lucid dream for a few minutes before I got up. So I relaxed and went back to sleep, I felt SP a lil tiny bit this time but only for like 2 seconds. It was a slight pressure on my chest. Immediately after having this sensation I did a RC and I was in a lucid again

      I appeared in my room, in my bed. I looked at the clock but it just changed every time I looked at it. I got up and focused on a bunch of stuff on the floor, it was just all of the normal stuff in my room. I then walked over to the computer to test what that's like when you are lucid, it was very bright and hurt my eyes. And every step I took closer the image on the screen got smaller and smaller. Until it was like 2 inches wide and long in the left hand corner. Again I practiced summoning but it was very difficult... I failed at summoning this time. I didn't really teleport where I wanted to go last time so I decided to practice teleportation, I thought of a place I know well enough to visualize it and I held a blanket infront of my whole body and visualized it. I appeared in the house where people were playing video games, Nate said You won't distract me from this video game when I arrived there (Stupid DC, I kill you)

      That was the end of the dream, remember I only had like 5 mins...
    6. I knew I was close ;) First Lucid

      by , 05-19-2011 at 08:43 PM
      Before Dream Notes
      Bed Time: 3AM
      Induction Technique: Believe it or not, a nose pinch RC AND WBTB at 11AM Did a RC with my eyes closed and apparently I was dreaming because I felt the cool air go straight to my nostrils, the best breathe of air I have taken in a long time (Allergies ;p)
      Trigger: Seeing through my eyelids

      The dream starts off by me waking up in my Grandma's house, it was early in the morning and the only people who were up were my Grandma and my parents. I noticed the difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream at this point, I could actually focus on something and see the details, colors, and vividness. I didn't do anything major in this LD I just walked around the house observing what I could actually see and how long I could make it last. I went to the front door and tried to leave the house but the moment I did my Grandma's crabby old boy friend pulled up in a red mustang. I decided I didn't want to go that way.... I went down the hall and then directly left into the first bedroom. I rubbed my hands together and began, the first thing I wanted to do was to summon someone. I remember reading threads about summoning techniques, and I thought putting a blanket over something and then imagining something under it then pulling it away would work. I summoned at least three different people, the first was my friend Nicole second was my friend Nate. Nicole didn't talk when I summoned her she was a failed summon (Sorry Nicole) but when I threw the blanket off the bed and onto the ground and tried to imagine Nate being there it worked! I pulled the blanket off and Nate was under it, he actually talked to me. He was like what the hell put that back on me I'm trying to sleep here. He wasn't very exciting so I erased him with a dream spin, I felt like I had to clean up the room before I left it so that's why I did it, didn't wanna leave a buncha Dream characters sitting around ;p The first time I DS it didn't work except for moving some blankets around, but the second time I did it, it completely cleaned every part of the room (But didn't change the dream scene). I walked out of the room and noticed all of the vivid reds, golds, and green colors all around me.
      I finally did one more Dream Spin and ended up on Division street in Spokane. I rubbed my hands together to make sure the dream wouldn't dissipate and did one more RC, I then got into a dark Gray Jeep that was on the side of the road (There were no other cars on or off the road) started it and went, I already had seen the park I'm talking about in a second but anyway I went towards there. There was a curb to go over so I decided if I sped up I could fly over it, I imagined myself flying 2 feet above it and over it but it was a failed attempt, I just barely got over the curb and then parked on a trail to the park. It was just getting dark out, I traveled along the path until I saw a park then I walked over some red colored bark on a trail to get there. All of the sudden I hear people screaming, two little kids run by me because someone was chasing them. It doesn't phase me I keep walking into the park when one of the 'chasers' runs past me to catch up to the other two. I finally walk up to the park (It's like a park in Renton, near where I used to live huge field with very green grass. The playground has a whole jungle gym on it, slides, swings, and everything. There is also reddish bark filling the playground area not rocks like in most places), there is a skinny depressed looking girl standing under a huge oak tree. She has jet-black hair and green eyes, I ask her ,"What's the matter why did you scare those kids like that?" She said ,"I don't know I hate doing it *She begins to cry*, I just hate making people feel that way I destroyed all of those kids belongings and then had my brother chase them off." I gave advice ,"Maybe you should go to a store each day and buy one thing for a random person instead of hurting people by ruining their stuff." Then she got all happy and thanked me, she also said she is definitely going to do this.

      That was the end of my first lucid dream, I think it was a very good start. I got an idea on how they work now, and what I need to improve on. This was not expected to happen in the morning, it was supposed to happen at night so I didn't really have a plan on what to do in a lucid.

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    7. I was magicial

      by , 05-09-2011 at 11:36 PM
      Slightly lucid, just didn't have enough focus and vividness to do anything with it. So I'm not counting this as my first lucid
      Woke up after way too long and was just in the middle of a dream that probably could have gone for a lot longer, I attempted a DEILD

      I entered the dream:

      I was in a gymnasium at an old High School, it was the first day of school and everyone was pretty much frantic and lost. I kept trying to find my friend Nicole to say Hi to her but I never found her. Eventually I run into this DC who looks almost like someone I know but not quite, it looked like it was a sister of one of my friends. I asked her hey are you Claire's sister? She answered yes and you must be Derrick, I've heard about the things you do. (Idk what she was talking about) The last thing I remember was looking up at a basketball hoop that was above us and then she was gone and the bell rang to get to your first class. I sat through my first class, we worked on a project and it was quite boring. During this whole dream I had the feeling like I was 'magical' or I could do anything I wanted if I really wanted to, so I was slightly lucid. After the first class my schedule didn't show me clearly where to go from there to my next one, I was trying to find Mrs. Gruenkeys class, she was a foods teacher that I had while I was in High school, I assumed Nicole and Kelia would be there.

      I was a little pissed because I couldn't find my class so I thought "Ok, I'll just teleport out of here...." I teleported into my car and started driving on a very long Highway away from the school and where I live, I ended up in Airway Heights a place a ways away from my house. I looked at some sort of time device and it showed I had 5 minutes to get back to my second class. So I teleported back but it was too late, I waited for my third class and it finally started. I sat in the very back of the room in a desk, I had a feeling everyone thought I was weird, probably because I was sitting back there trying to conjure things and do magic :X I tried to show people how amazing I was but no one looked or cared. That's when I just gave up and laid my head on the desk and took a nap for 5 seconds. I woke back up to everyone yelling oh my god did you just see what Derrick did! He's magic I can't believe it! I don't know what I did because I was asleep, but they seemed to like it

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