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    Nightmare On Fairwood Dr

    by , 05-26-2011 at 09:59 PM (603 Views)
    This was an extremely graphic and scary nightmare, everything was perfectly clear and felt like waking reality there were no signs of it being a dream. Nothing extraordinary happening except for the plot of the nightmare itself, no paranormal stuff, no flying, nothing. If you don't wanna hear about dead bodies don't read this. I wrote three pages on paper about this nightmare because I was too scared to sit downstairs and type it at the time everything was sooooo vivid and every little detail I could pick up.

    Normal Dream
    After 8 hours of sleep
    Just woke up about 10 minutes before this at the end of another dream

    The dream started after my parents left for a vacation to Arizona. I was hanging out with Nicole, Madi, and Nathan. This dream was very ordinary meaning I wasn't able to tell a dream from reality apart, everything was exactly the same as in real life, and it was extremely vivid. I saw my friends faces as clear as day, everything just seemed so normal and real... We got in Nate's new car to drive to my house, but then we decided to stop at a small gas station and get some food and trinkets. I went in their and bought some M&M's the normal kind, I saw that Nicole and Madi were buying little trinkets and the lady at the counter was giving them discounts for them. I decided to buy a little black cat figure, it had fake hair on it, and it was really soft. We got in the car and everyone made fun of me for buying a black cat, even though they all had stupid things with them also

    So we drive to my house to have a little party with just the four of us. The house we appeared at was my last house I lived in, it was in Fairwood and on Fairwood Dr. It was an EXACT replica of my old house, everything looked the same I can explain it in detail from just visiting this dream there were no alterations. The kitchen had bright white cabinets with hardwood floors, the dining room connected directly to the kitchen and you could just walk in there from the kitchen, there was a large chandelier hanging in there. There were also fancy dining chairs in there they were made of orangish colored wood and had white cushion seats, we will be talking about this later. If you go the opposite way out of the kitchen you'll go down four stairs and into a large family room with a computer to your left, a large TV further in, and a white cabinet/ bar directly to your right. This area is open so you can see it all from the kitchen. I think Nicole and Madi were drinking but me and Nate weren't. We were sitting in the family room watching a scary movie and then all of the sudden I hear something. There is someone else that got into the house with us...

    He had long light brown hair, it went past his shoulders, also it was very curly. He didn't have the most friendly face, he looked angry and yet never said anything. Apparently he was trying to kill us, and he was a murderer. Oh, ya he was also about 6 feet 2 inches tall and almost reached the ceiling. Nate said that he tried to kill Madi and Nicole a minute ago, I didn't see them after this they must have left. I then saw Nate cut the guy in half with something... Blood spilt out and he was laying there cut in half on the dining room carpet on the edge of the kitchen. I could see him from where I was, I was at the bottom of the four stairs looking straight up at them. He wasn't dead yet either, he was whispering something to me that I couldn't make out, his head was decapitated from his body. He still looked fairly calm even with his guts pouring out of his body on the cream colored carpet. I either didn't want to see him suffer or I didn't wish for him to be alive anymore to cause me harm so I walked up there fearfully. I grabbed one of those fancy dining chairs and smashed his head and body in about four times with it. At that point I considered him dead, I had just killed someone. At this point I was at home alone and had no clue what to do, should I dump the body somewhere or call the cops?

    The smell was terribly awful, the worst thing I've ever smelt. Rotten eggs, mixed with blood, mixed with puke, mixed with the worst roadkill you could imagine... My head started spinning and I ran into the kitchen and puked red chunks in the sink all over a pile of dishes that were soaking in water, it made me feel a little better. I didn't know how I was going to dispose of this before my parents got home.

    Nate finally appeared to me again and asked me why I was freaking out? He said that bodies not real it's just for fun, he then said he will get rid of it, I watched from afar as he grabbed the head by the curly hair and dragged it across the floor outside. I could not see where he took it but he took it outside. He then came in for the body and got that too, my parents appeared home just at that second and the first thing my Mom said was ,"I really hope that isn't real Derrick." In a rude tone like she always does. I answered ," No I promise you this isn't real just calm down." She apparently believed me because no other questions were asked, the dream started to fade right about here. But there were a couple things I saw before I left, the house was very frantic and messy. Pop cans laying everywhere, candy and food boxes. The desk was a mess it looked like that's where we set all of our belongings so we didn't lose them. Everything was perfectly clear, especially the body sized crimson stain on the carpet.

    The end

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