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    Short but weird

    by , 05-01-2011 at 04:35 AM (371 Views)
    Non lucid dream 4/30

    Smoked/Drank before bed

    The dream started out in the community college that I used to go to. The halls were huge and there weren't many people around me. Suddenly people started saying that thugs were raiding the college vandalizing and breaking everything. They broke through a large window which was on the ground floor and started destroying everything in sight. They then singled me out and somehow I got away, there was no fear in this dream just weirdness. I went out into the parking lot where my car was parked alone way in the back. From afar I saw them running towards me in a group of about 5-7. They came up to me and surprisingly told me my car was a mess lol.... (It is in real life and I was just thinking about that the day before), they threatened me and said if I didn't clean it something bad would happen. So since they were thugs they broke into my car... through the window with on of those window jacks and started throwing all my shit out. I remember them cleaning out all the back pouches, the console, and the trunk. From what I saw the only thing they found was a bunch of pennies and change. I probably dreamt that because I have tons of change in the little change holder and it just piles up . Once they were done cleaning they disappeared and the dream was over.

    Lame dream but it has symbolism in my real life that I can connect too, proving once again my dreams aren't random. I noticed I dream a lot about spacious places (Parking lots, schools, malls) my dreams also almost always have my car in it.
    (mental note, add "Ford Explorer" to dream signs/patterns)

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