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    1. Chainsaw A$$hole

      by , 04-19-2011 at 06:05 AM
      Started out a man with a chainsaw was chasing me around trying to kill me but i was getting away. He looked like a cross between Jason and the texas chainsaw massacre guy. Anyways he finally caught up to me and slashed at me, waking me up. The reason I'm writing this insignificant short dream here is because for a split second when i woke up i could still see the chainsaw asshole standing in my room attacking me!! wtf is up with that?
    2. Finally Lucid!

      by , 11-24-2010 at 02:35 AM
      Started out I was on my street being towed behind a boat on the concrete which somehow became water. I ate it pretty hard but didn't seem to care much so i got up and started walking back to my house. While i was walking some creepy man (who I had seen in 2 of my dreams earlier that night) was following me so i turned and said "Whats your problem" He mumbled some wierd dialect i couldn't understand then i realized he was trying to kidnap me and so were some other people further up the road. I ran towards my neighbours house and tried to explain what was happening but nobody cared. Finally somebody listened to me so i summarized the story to them. After i told the story i said "Maybe I'm dreaming?" Holy Shit. I was dreaming.

      then i got excited and woke up lol
    3. Getting Shot Hurts

      by , 10-15-2010 at 01:26 AM
      I was in some sort of shipping yard and i had a small machine gun. Bad guys kept peeking out of shipping containers so i shot them. After i did this for a while i ran out of bullets and went looking for some guns on the ground. While i was looking around a friend from school started shooting at me with a big ass gun. Evading a spray of bullets, i found a gun that looked the same as his. When i tried to shoot at him the gun wouldnt work so i tried to run away. I was too slow and he shot me a ****load of times in my back and ass cheek. It hurt a lot. After that there was a flash of what my back looked like then i woke up.
      Tags: gun, mw2, shot
    4. WTF (Short but very disturbing) Warning"GROSS"

      by , 10-09-2010 at 06:56 PM
      Starts out there was a man standing there and someone pulled on his arm and it ripped of. I could see hundreds of maggots inside his arm and his open shoulder. After a minute he got up off the ground and ran towards a DC who was wielding a fishing rod. The DC swung the rod at the attackers head and the hook from the rod stuck in his head. His entire face and scalp got ripped off leaving his maggoty brains open. The rod for some reason was able to suck the brains and maggots through the rod and right into the DC's mouth. His head started to expand as it filled up with a vomitish looking soquid until finally his entire head exploded all over the place.The end.wtf

      (i had a feeling of puking while in the dream to give you an idea of how "f"ed this dream was)
    5. Inline Rink then Landboarding

      by , 10-07-2010 at 04:57 AM
      All Non-Lucid

      Starts off im at my house when i decide to go downstairs to my personal but public inline skating rink. From there i keep forgeting what i was supposed to bring so i head back upstairs, when i come back down i haven't brought back down anything. I end up doing this a few more times then finally i bring down a snowboard instead of rollerblades. I teleport to my local mountain where i try to rip down the slopes but theres no snow (damn, i really wanted to snowboard in a dream). after barrel rolling down the hill without a board i look up to see an old retired news reporter that i used to watch. I didn't really think his presence was important so i just walked past him. From there i started wading through some water towards some DCs helping a mother black bear over a fence. I volunteer to help so i go up and start to push him over the fence. The last thing i remember is walking through the grass while around 15 bears were just minding there own businesss in the field.