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    1. WTF (Short but very disturbing) Warning"GROSS"

      by , 10-09-2010 at 06:56 PM
      Starts out there was a man standing there and someone pulled on his arm and it ripped of. I could see hundreds of maggots inside his arm and his open shoulder. After a minute he got up off the ground and ran towards a DC who was wielding a fishing rod. The DC swung the rod at the attackers head and the hook from the rod stuck in his head. His entire face and scalp got ripped off leaving his maggoty brains open. The rod for some reason was able to suck the brains and maggots through the rod and right into the DC's mouth. His head started to expand as it filled up with a vomitish looking soquid until finally his entire head exploded all over the place.The end.wtf

      (i had a feeling of puking while in the dream to give you an idea of how "f"ed this dream was)