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    First Induced Lucid Dream!

    by , 10-25-2010 at 07:39 PM (1408 Views)

    Well, it's been a long ride, but I had my first intentional lucid dream. Per the usual, I'm going to put in red what was lucid, and blue what was non-lucid. Black will be non-dream stuff.

    Going to bed, I repeated the mantra "I lucid dream." When my thoughts wandered, I would chant it louder in my head. During my trying to fall asleep, I could imagine daily things being effected by it (I see a scene from earlier play out, but instead of normal words, it added things like "I loudly dropped..." which followed the same first letter of my mantra. Somewhere in there, I fell asleep.
    I am in an extremely dark house. People are all around, and for some reason, I feel a sense of urgency. I try to turn on lights, but they fail. My first thought is the lights are broken. Somewhere in the dream, I get the notion that it's a dream and try to RC. I try poking my finger through my hands, counting my fingers, but both worked flawlessly. Undaunted, I do the nose test, and it failed. This forces me to realize I am dreaming. Since it's dark, I conjure up a potion, for some reason, and drink it. Within seconds, the room brightens up. I drink another, and the room gets brighter. Eventually, the entire room is dark, but bright enough to make out details. I know the LD is extremely unstable, so I began to think of tasks to do. Yes, this was my first thought because I am goal-oriented. I ask a woman wondering around what are my tasks again, and I remember it's to talk to someone, so I ask her to tell me about lucid dreaming when I try to conjure a fireball for Nomad's class before the most recent one. She explains I need to wait to develop dream control and duration, but it'll come. I start to create the fireball in my hand, but while I feel the heat and hear the sparkling, I lose the visual. Begrudgingly, I wake up. I quickly jot down my dream, then I try to return to the dream, but instead, I have a non-lucid where I see a radio host willing to have his kidney removed for the sake of radio. Later, I am planning a trip to local colleges (day residue) to watch their graduations.

    All in all, good night!

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    1. menelvagor's Avatar
      Congratulations on the first induced lucid! That's really great. Goal oriented, haha. This website kind of promotes that feeling, I think - I did the same thing my first LD a month ago. Flying around realized I was dreaming and immediately tried to move things with my mind and control my flying.

      Cool effect with drinking the potions too. How strange.
    2. Rozollo's Avatar
      Haha, thanks! It was a great experience for sure. Now, time to replicate.