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    1. Car battery runs out

      by , 05-28-2015 at 03:07 AM
      I'm driving on a highway with a lot of curves and exit ramps. I don't seem to know where I'm going and I'm driving so fast I can't really comprehend everything I'm passing. Then I'm driving out in the country near where we turn to go to my mother in law's house. The car's battery runs out and the car just slows down and splutters to a halt on the side of the road. I have our huge yellow flashlight we save for emergencies with me and am walking along the road; it's nighttime. Some old man with gray hair and a beard is out walking his dog. He tries to get me to make out with him and I decline. I say that I'm sick and cough for good measure. He asks me why I'm out and I say the car battery died. I turn back to the car and it is Barbie car-sized. I think I insert some toy sized batteries in it and put my right hand on top rolling the Prius back and forth like I'm playing in a sandbox.
    2. scooting the wrong way

      by , 05-19-2015 at 03:33 AM
      A lot of dream snippets from this morning:
      I'm on my scooter and get on a single lane highway by crossing a grassy median. I start to get up to speed when I realize that I'm driving into oncoming traffic! I make a u-turn and get back to the other lane across the median. Again, as I'm starting to go faster I realize I'm against traffic flow. I feel frustrated and anxious, but don't think to RC.
      Maybe I'm on a bicycle? S and I are in woods/jungle on a dirt trail. We end up going to a rickety old wooden house to lodge for the night. It's an open floorplan and many other people are staying in the same house. We have a bed in the middle of the floor and it's odd to be sharing this space with so many other people. It ends up costing us around $500 and I comment that it's pretty pricey for what we are getting!
      I'm at R's helping him with something. I'm on the floor somehow mashed between a coffee table and a wall with barely any room to move. A comes in and I'm relieved that I'm obviously nowhere near R so she won't think that I'm being too close to him. I didn't wake to record this so most of this dream memory is gone.
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    3. Scuba diving in a library, then sexy woman, with a lucid dream of subways and HBO Girls

      by , 05-17-2015 at 01:38 PM
      I'm going scuba diving with some people from a recent Hawaii retreat and we descend into a library that has been flooded with water. I know that one knowledgeable diver is in the group (Don). As I go down there is a hammerhead shark that comes up to me and puts his mouth on my crossed arms and presses down as if to bite. I stay still and this goes on for a little bit until he leaves. I felt for sure he would bite my entire midsection out! I come to the surface to regroup with my scuba buddies. I ask if anyone knows scuba hand signals and Karen makes some hand motions that are not really signals at all.
      Then I am in a large building with which fluorescent lights. I think I'm trying to get a threesome going with a blonde girl and my husband, but something keeps interrupting us. I'm semi-lucid, but not quite in this dream. As interruptions pop up I think "If this were a dream this is what I'd do" and then do them. For example a man keeps walking over to talk to me as I'm trying to disrobe this woman and I tell him "There is a woman crying in the hallway over there" and give him eyes that say "she needs your help." He wanders back over saying he can't find her and I specify "She's there, go back and then make a left." I have the woman to myself now and start to touch her only to realize my physical body in bed is moving around. I realize I'm dreaming and go back to sleep, but don't return to this fantasy.
      I'm on a subway or tram that is very reminiscent of the Atlanta airport tram except there are bench seats to sit on. I'm looking out the window for my next stop. I say something like “I'm getting off at my next stop” in the car full of people. What I think is the next stop turns out not to be a stop at all. I say something like “I thought there was a stop here, did they pass it?” to which the dream man next to me says “maybe you're dreaming.” I look down at my silicone bracelet and instead of the square box pattern there is the picture of a ladybug instead. Excitedly I say “I AM dreaming!” as I shake the man's right shoulder. Then I remember there were digital messages across the tram's message board that were weird and I hadn't been paying attention to like “It's all cool. It's good.” I remember in my dreams I want to ask people who they are and what they represent, but as I look around the subway car I get the impression they are not important. In hindsight I should have tried anyway. Throughout the rest of the dream I remind myself in my head “I'm DREAMING!”
      I think the man asks me what I'm going to do now that I'm dreaming. I say I want to get off at a stop I was meaning to. It's actually a place I had just had a non-lucid dream just a little bit earlier than this one. Something-ville. I can't remember the name. It's a swampy/watery town and there is a tiny boardwalk across swamp in which to get to a wooden planked city hall. I get off with another girl from the subway. We go into a house together that she is moving into. She ends up being Shoshanna from HBO Girls and Hannah and Adam are in there as well. We are in a dimly lit parlor/dining room and I am eating a huge plate of something delicious like vegan french toast. I don't know if that's what this is, but I'm shoveling it into my face. Shoshanna is talking about how she's gotten furniture from people for her apartment and that she is going to invite a lot of high school friends over and cook brunch for them. For some reason Adam gets upset and wanders into the living room in which there is a beautiful nude woman who he starts to make out with. This distresses Shoshanna and she goes into the kitchen. When he comes back over he says he just needed to do that to work out his emotions and Hannah says she does things to get back to the center of attention when she feels upset.

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    4. First False Awakening

      by , 12-31-2014 at 12:13 AM
      12/30/14 non-lucid dreams:

      *throughout the night I have recurring thoughts of RCs, but don't remember conducting one*

      S asks if I've had any dreams. The room is dark. He keeps asking me and I finally snap that I was trying to reenter a dream to become lucid, but he's interrupted me. The dream I'm trying to reenter is me sitting at a table outside (maybe a cafe?) and I walk over to where W (a dog) pooped on the sidewalk and try to melt his poop with invisible energy from my hand. Before accomplishing this I "wake" up to S asking me if I've had any dreams.

      Earlier...S and I are driving around looking for Publix. I have a hard time remembering/finding where it is. For some reason I pass up a lot of good parking spaces for one that isn't as good as the others. We are going to pay for things with a giant bag of fertilizer. I get the impression this is vaguely illegal and dangerous. When we get out of the car two men ask if they can have some of the fertilizer and we tell them no. We walk up to a building with our bag and enter. It looks like a shabby mom and pop bookstore, but it's actually a library/museum. There is an audio recording playing of someone talking about history. I tell S we should go. Someone (or is it a something - automaton?) implores me to stay and visit. I end up saying I don't like to listen (meaning I'm bad at absorbing info aurally). We leave and I think we then get groceries at Publix. It's for a Boxing Day party at work (totally don't celebrate this lol!). I see the director as I come out and tell hello and that I'll see her at the work party. She corrects me and says she'll see me ___ (sometime after the party since she won't be here).

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    5. A tale of two Pats

      by , 12-30-2014 at 12:04 AM
      12/29/14 non-lucid dreams:

      Earlier I got the distinct impression I missed out on a RC and was disappointed/frustrated. Did not wake up to write down any details.

      I'm going for a walk in a very new subdivision with nice sidewalks (quintessential suburbia). I need to cross the street, but it's full of water from recent rain. I'm wearing my 5 finger toe shoes and they start to get wet (one of my real anxieties). On my way back I overhear a guy saying he's going to find J from dancing and go shop at Whole Foods (which does not actually exist where I live). I run ahead to find J and demand he go shop with me. I also see Pat from work. For some reason I call them both Pat and say I'm shopping with the Pats. Then I'm sitting in the store dining area with other people. Someone's daughter wants a candy/cookie she had had before. It's like a waffle cone bowl except it has licorice flavor in it. I look it up on my phone (excellent time to do a RC, but didn't!!) and it's actually slightly burnt which gives it that licorice flavor. I ask the girl's dad if we can find it and buy it in the store; he says yes.

      Earlier...something about a guy taking the fall for something he didn't do and serving time in prison for 20 years. He's ok with this and R greets him when he gets out. This dream is from a 3rd person perspective (a majority of my dreams are first person).

      Dream signs: anxiety, coworker, 3rd person perspective
    6. 3rd person omniscient, The French Family

      by , 12-29-2014 at 09:25 PM
      12/28/14 Non-lucid dreams:

      PM has been trying not to stay the night in LB when she gets off work. What ends up happening is that BM sees how difficult it is on her and agrees they can move to LB and try to rent out their old place. They end up moving into a house with M (does not occur to me in the dream this is not where M lives!) and demanding she get rid of J (the cat they gave her in real life) because of the baby arriving soon. I think this is unreasonable to get rid of a cat for a baby. I don't seem to be an active participant in this dream, more like a 3rd person omniscient who sees and knows everything.

      Earlier...I am interacting with a French family: a man, his wife, their son, and his mother in law. The MIL drives by and says fur in French (not sure if I even know what word that is) and then "bye-bye!". I get the impression she is commenting on my unfashionable-ness and inviting me to leave. I ask the man to repeat what fur is in French and he does, but I can't seem to grasp the word or hold onto its sound. I'm usually very good at picking up words and sounds in Romance languages so this is frustrating. I ask ",But isn't "eau" fur?" and then "oh wait, that's water like eau de toilette." We were all standing outside the house and so I make to leave.
      Something about papier mache fruis and greeting cards...
      Then the wife and I are alone and she's trying to engage me in sex.

      Dream signs: sexy time, feeling anxious, not being able to say/hear words well
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