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    scooting the wrong way

    by , 05-19-2015 at 03:33 AM (259 Views)
    A lot of dream snippets from this morning:
    I'm on my scooter and get on a single lane highway by crossing a grassy median. I start to get up to speed when I realize that I'm driving into oncoming traffic! I make a u-turn and get back to the other lane across the median. Again, as I'm starting to go faster I realize I'm against traffic flow. I feel frustrated and anxious, but don't think to RC.
    Maybe I'm on a bicycle? S and I are in woods/jungle on a dirt trail. We end up going to a rickety old wooden house to lodge for the night. It's an open floorplan and many other people are staying in the same house. We have a bed in the middle of the floor and it's odd to be sharing this space with so many other people. It ends up costing us around $500 and I comment that it's pretty pricey for what we are getting!
    I'm at R's helping him with something. I'm on the floor somehow mashed between a coffee table and a wall with barely any room to move. A comes in and I'm relieved that I'm obviously nowhere near R so she won't think that I'm being too close to him. I didn't wake to record this so most of this dream memory is gone.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment