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    1. Reality check fails, but I'm lucid anyway :)

      by , 07-31-2015 at 01:56 PM
      I'm in upstate NY with ThreeCat in a cabin. We have sheep and I want to wander with them as they graze. I think of the cats inside though, and decide we can just go out for a walk for the day. We go outside and around the back where it looks like the lumber yard of Lowes. People in a pickup truck are blasting their bad country music and we wander off. Suddenly we are inside of a Perkins-style restaurant with a buffet line of pies. ThreeCat orders a piece and gobbles it up. I'm aghast that he didn't ask if it's vegan. I ask him how he knows it's vegan and he responds “it is.” I ask the girl on the other side of the buffet line what they substitute the butter with and she says “nothing.” I tell ThreeCat this is a dream and he says “no it isn't.” I think back and wonder aloud how I got from the farm to here and he can't give me a good response. I check text several times (don't know what it says), but it doesn't seem to change. I resolve that this is just a dream and leave dream ThreeCat behind. I find someone and ask if they know where The Fool (from tarot) is? I'm directed to Doug's apartment, except the location is actually Billy's. I go inside and Sh_ is sitting on the couch. They introduce him as Charles and that he is The Fool. I ask him if I may ask him a question. He responds there needs to be an exchange and implies somehow that it must be sexual. I sit in his lap and give him a handjob through his tshirt. I then end up having oral sex with RL in a side 69 position, but she corrects my technique. I definitely lose lucidity and am unable to come back to the dream to ask the question that I want
      Tags: tarot, the fool, vegan