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    1. Spellbe2's competition night 6

      by , 01-16-2016 at 09:59 PM
      Just two non-lucid fragments (I had more when I woke up but I had to get on with my day without time to make better notes, boo! :-(

      Fragment 1:
      I'm looking out of the window into the back garden, I can see the grass is all unkempt (just like reality!) and I'm flipping through a book that has seed packets as the pages, trying to decide what to plant in my garden.

      Fragment 2:
      (I'm pretty sure this follows on fairly shortly after the above fragment - I think it happens in a mutated version of the same back garden)
      I'm standing on the nearside of a pond, watching a man on the other side faffing about with his car. After a while, I hatch opens in the grass to my side and I realise he's sending his car through a tunnel under the pond. The car automatically navigates carefully through the obviously very tight tunnel and comes tothe hatch, stopping just a centimetre or so short of a post that's immediately outside the exit of the tunnel, then the man starts coming over a footbridge that spans the pond.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Spellbee Competition Night 5

      by , 01-15-2016 at 06:33 PM
      Before bed I took 200mg of 5-HTP (in a pill that also contains an inconsequential amount of B6)

      Dream 1:

      I'm swimming in a stream, the scenery is reminiscent of the lake district on a very bright sunny day (very bright sunshine or almost complete darkness is a dreamsign for me!) As I'm floating downstream I can see bright green grass on the hills and various rocky / soil patches. I look under the water and it's very clear and well lit. The possibility I'm dreaming crosses my mind and after a few moments of building up courage, I try to test it by breathing underwater! First I breathe out and note that there aren't any bubbles, which builds my confidence, so I take a deep breath in and suddenly, as my confidence in being lucid soars, the colouring of the scene changes dramatically. The lighting is still very bright, though not as extremely, and the colours around me get super-saturated (reds look extremely red, the blue water looks like peppermint toothpaste, no dingy colours or half-shades at all). After a moment, I notice that as well as the extremely strong colours, there are also completely grayscale parts to my view.

      I swim down the stream underwater marvelling at the brightly lit coral reef like sights. There are luminously bright plants, corals and animals. After a few metres I swim up to the surface and continue above the surface, flying into the air and finding myself at a part of the shore with trees. I fly up alongside a tree which has an entirely grayscale trunk/bark but glowing green leaves. I'm just starting to think about what tasks I can do and I realise the dream is fading, more's the pity!

      Fragment 1:
      (After my (IRL) alarm goes off at 07:00, I had a brief FA fragment in which I looked at the clock on my phone and it said 07:56 and I was upset that I hadn't managed to use my snooze button for any fragmentary attempts at LDing, but then the alarm went off again at 07:10 (I'd snoozed it at 7) and I went back to sleep, convinced that I'd be able to get some tiny fragments to boost my score, but this one's the only one I got :-(
    3. Competition night 14-and-a-half, Saturday 7th Feb - Naptime Fragments

      by , 02-09-2015 at 10:56 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm following some kind of national infrastructure route, it feels like a new system perhaps foir delivering some new form of power but doedsn't follow any preexisting distribution network. I'm following a line into Wales from the WEst Midlands and can see the branching structure on a map.

      Fragment 2: I'm in a car on a bridge heading downhill from the high point of the bridge toward what looks like a toll gate at the bottom of the slope. The bridge is wide, perhaps four or six lanes, and traffic is at a standstill. I hed down the hard shoulder and somebody in the car is apparently nervouis that I might hit the other cars as I pass, so I prove the point by driving so as to just clip my wing mirror on the bollards that line the other side of the gap I'm going through.

      Fragment 3:
      I'm in a car going around a roundabout, it feels familiar, I think from a dream of a few years back. I'm directing somebody else driving and tell them which exit to take, but they miss it and as we go past it becomes clear that it's more complicated than I thought because immediately adjacent to the exit we need to take, there is another exit that goes onto the wrong carriageway, and a third exit that leads onto a narrow old road that used to service the rouge. This third exit is precipitously steep, totally infeasible, but still offered as an option at the junction!
    4. competition night 11, Tue 3rd Feb - Sailing and 3x pseudo-FA

      by , 02-04-2015 at 10:55 AM
      Dream one:
      I'm with my brother and a couple of randoms and I'm tying a knot to keep a sail tied onto the top of its mast, I do a clove hitch and a loop round turn with a highwayman's hitch to hold it in place, explaining to the randoms that it's a good idea to have a quick release knot in case of emergencies.

      Jofish takes the small boat and starts sailing it around the very shallow lake we're in (I'm still standing in the water watching him do turns and even a couple of jumps in the boat)

      [I wake up to my alarm and then fall back to sleep in what I guess was technically not a FA because I did actually wake up and turn my alarm off.]

      Dream two:
      I'm trying to get up but I'm lying in bed with my eyes really struggling to open. I take the fact that I can just about see what looks like reality as an indication that I'm awake after all even though struggling to open my eyes is a dream sign (it usually means my light box is shining in my face and my dream imagery is struggling to be seen). I get up and start telling Jofish about the dream he was in while trying to get up to make breakfast. I go downstairs and have to step over my dad who's sleeping on the floor in the dining area on the way to the kitchen - I'm back at my childhood home and am not surprised to find him here. Mum's got a large light box and I "remember" that she got prescribed one. My dream logic tells me that this is why I'm struggling to see.

      I get to the kitchen and start rifling through the fridge to find breakfast things, but it's full of housemates' stuff, then turns out to be the oven, but the fridge next to the oven is in much the same state of cluttered mess. I throw out some obviously moldy stuff and am giving up on finding what I'm looking for when I realise there's another fridge on the other side of the kitchen and that does contain useful breakfast things.

      I start trying to fry some bacon still seeing through the slits of barely openable eyes. I manage to get some bacon onto my flat griddle thingumy and start frying it. I decide I need to add some more bacon so I try to arrange the bacon so that the already started stuff doesn't over cook, then I add an egg and have to shuffle everything around again. I just about manage to find the plastic fish slice I need to flip things over without scratching the nonstick pan, after getting a little distracted by piles of washing up and having to feel my way around because my eyesight is so poor.

      In the process of shuffling items around the pan and adjusting the heat of the hob, and moving the griddle pan around to ensure the heat is under the items that need it rather than under the things that don't, I've somehow ended up almost sitting on the hob and realise that my left knee is getting uncomfortably hot and I almost set my trousers on fire.

      [Again, I wake up to my alarm (it's on a 10 minute snooze) and again manage to fall asleep straight into a dream.]

      Dream three:
      Again, I'm telling somebody about the stream I just had, again I'm trying to make breakfast. I remember telling the egg that I have to cut its yolk in half to make it cook at the right speed to be ready at the same time as the rest of the food. Again I'm struggling to open my eyes.

      [Again, the alarm thing! This time I roll over to face away from my light box half thinking I might attempt a WILD as I'm obviously in the right timing for it to work]

      The dream that arrives is yet another one of me telling somebody about my dream and the frustration of missing two dream sign crammed FAs in a row, and I don't realise the irony that I'm doing it again. I realise that I can't keep prattling about dreams because after that many alarms, I need to get on with getting ready for work, so I wake up to get to and ready for work.


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