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    Spellbe2's competition night 6

    by , 01-16-2016 at 09:59 PM (440 Views)
    Just two non-lucid fragments (I had more when I woke up but I had to get on with my day without time to make better notes, boo! :-(

    Fragment 1:
    I'm looking out of the window into the back garden, I can see the grass is all unkempt (just like reality!) and I'm flipping through a book that has seed packets as the pages, trying to decide what to plant in my garden.

    Fragment 2:
    (I'm pretty sure this follows on fairly shortly after the above fragment - I think it happens in a mutated version of the same back garden)
    I'm standing on the nearside of a pond, watching a man on the other side faffing about with his car. After a while, I hatch opens in the grass to my side and I realise he's sending his car through a tunnel under the pond. The car automatically navigates carefully through the obviously very tight tunnel and comes tothe hatch, stopping just a centimetre or so short of a post that's immediately outside the exit of the tunnel, then the man starts coming over a footbridge that spans the pond.

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