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    Three lucid dreams in a row

    by , 01-13-2013 at 02:09 PM (526 Views)
    Two days ago I had three lucid dreams in a row. I counted them just as only one because they happened in a very short time and each one was very similar in character to the other.

    In all of those dreams I entered them without being asleep, directly (so I think). The dream begins with a vibrating sensation or chills. Then I feel that my body literally gets up from the bed and adopts an upright position, precisely using the left side of bed that is the one I use to get up normally. When I get up I grazed the books on a shelf that are just too close to my bed. I walked, or rather I am headed to the door of my room that is closed. It's funny, because in this case I opened the door to the contrary, that is outward rather than inward. Step by in front of the bathroom and then to the living room. Then I head for the front door, open it and I'm on the street. It is night, and the front of the house is dark, but I can see the trees that stand against a clear blue sky. As I have already dreamed this so many times, I want to change the dream and rotate my body quickly. I open my eyes and I'm facing a closet, I opened the door and see a life size clown. I get angry and take it out of the closet and violently crashed it against the floor. I wake up.

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