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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Tsunami

      by , 02-19-2013 at 12:40 AM
      I am in a building that is on the banks of a river that flows into the sea. This place is no stranger to me because it looks like a university building in Havana where I lived for three years. I was out on the balcony and I look to the horizon where the river and the sea met.
      Suddenly I notice that the water on the horizon rise sharply and is moving in the direction of the building. I am in the level 12 and I feeel secure
      The wave reaches the building and torrents of water come through the windows. The water soaks my clothes and I run to tell my sister who is taking a bath, but she does not pay any attention. When the waves retire I look down and see people's bodies on the sand. I go down to try to help when I see that a child is drawn into a drain. I manage to grab the child's hand and pulled him out of the water.
      Tags: tsunami
    2. Walking down the streets

      by , 02-17-2013 at 12:37 AM
      This is a dream that has been repeated many times. I'm walking down a street in my hometown and suddenly I find myself walking IN A neighborhood that does not exist in reality but I have visited many times in my dreams. The houses are two stories high with many columns. The streets are deserted. As a variation this time as I was looking at the roofs I saw that they were adorned with statues that had collapsed. I looked carefully at one of these statues and it was a white angel that had collapsed to the right, but it was still standing because it had internal metal structures.
      Tags: angel
    3. Dream interrupted.

      by , 02-02-2013 at 01:13 AM

      I hear comments that a young man has killed a child. I do not know if it was with a firearm or other means. The young man who has been arrested is sitting at a table in front of me, very close. I start to write a few lines asking him to explain the reasons why he had killed the other girl or boy. I only managed to write a few lines because the words become disorganized. As in dreams anything is possible I imagine that I have finished a paragraph of 10 lines and hand it to the young man. The boy is tall and thin with curly black hair like a mestizo. People were talking about the punishment that would be imposed on the young man. I think he could be sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered, but at that time I looked at the boy and he looks like a child.. The boy is now white, small and you can tell that he is nervous. I feel sorry for the boy. Then the child goes to a hallway just in front of the room. Then I hear an alarm in the hallway and people begin to run. I approach a bathroom and I open the door. Inside the bathroom there is a huge puddle of blood on the floor .... Sound the alarm and wake up.
    4. Who pay for the broken dishes?

      by , 01-27-2013 at 01:19 PM
      I am in the pharmacy where I work and one of my coworkers arrives. Apparently I did something wrong and I have put some information in sealed envelopes (five of them). Soon the scene changes and we send that information and porcelain dishes downstairs using an elevator. I went to the door of the elevator and I can see my peers who are waiting for me to drop the information and dishes. Another co-worker who is Greek named Angela tells me that workers are complaining that they can not eat because almost all dishes are broken. I say it is absurd to drop the dishes by the opening the of the elevator as they break. I decide myself to design some sort of mechanism to lower the dishes without breaking them. I took a rope and tied it to a few dishes and let them slide down through the opening. Then I think that in this way if the rope breaks the dishes would fall on the head of the employees below. Dream fades and I wake up.
      Tags: elevator
    5. Spiderman?

      by , 01-24-2013 at 01:21 AM
      I am walking down a street in a small town. Suddenly I notice that people are alarmed and star running. Instinctively I run into and old building that has a large wooden door leading to a staircase. I climb the stairs to the third floor. The floor is a long office with three hunge glass windows facing the street. Two of the windows have curtains, the third has none. I and two of the employees run towards that window and look out to the street where a black figure similar to the spiderman terrorizes the crowd. Suddenly the black figure jumps to the edge of the window where we are, but he does not see us. The two employees runt to the other end of the office but I remain in the same place for fear of being discovered. Finally I move to where the rest of the employees are talking. Some esmployees begin narrating how they starting working for some japanese entrepreneurs. They speak in english and Spanish. I star talking to a lady with a short red hair. I tell her that the building appears to be an old hotel. The room has a high ceiling adorned wiht reliefs. After that I decide to go out but I cound not find my car so I begin walking.It starts to rain and I try to cover myself wiht a raincoat but I get wet anyway.
    6. Child abuse.

      by , 01-21-2013 at 11:55 PM
      I'm in a kind of hospital room where a young man is immobilized on a bed with his family and two children who seem to be twins. The children are blond , about 4 years old. I begin to play with one of the children and it disappears. Then I started playing with the other. I lie on the floor and lift the child wiht one hand and he begins to laugh. All of the sudden the child goes to the bed where the young man lies. He jumsp on the bed and falls to the other side.I managed to lift the child but soon he seems to have difficulty breathing as if he was choking. The Child's nose begins to ooze and then I ask one of the family a piece of cloth to clean it. The child's head is tilted and I tell the family that the child has trouble breathing. The family is angry. They take the child and put him under the bed. I leave the room angry. I wake up.
    7. Tatesless Food.

      by , 01-16-2013 at 11:30 PM
      I'm walking quickly down a street in my hometown. Then I notice that it will rain and start running. At this point I'm not running but flying close to the ground. I Continue flying in front of a row of houses that have ornamental plants in front. When I was approaching my house I decided not to follow the road and started to climb to a height of several floors. At this point I decide to enter into my house through a chimney. I descend into a diningroom where my parents are waiting for me to eat. The food is bland and the dream fades.
      Tags: bland, food
    8. Vitamin B6 dream.

      by , 01-09-2013 at 04:09 PM
      Well, maybe it was a placebo effect, but this was one of the dreams I remember from that night.
      There is a group of people discussing a problem that I do not remember very clearly now. In the group of people there is a young guy with his brother about 6 or 7 years old. The younger brother was Vietnamese and the older was anglo. Amid the discussion the child began to cry and suddenly several people including his brother crashed him against a wall and started beating him with their fists. The child continued to cry, then 2 or 3 of the group started beating him with a chair. After this he was thrown into a kind of puddle. The group of people disappeared and then I try to remove the child from the water. I started to look into the pond and trying to get the child, and when I found him it was nothing more than a mass of blood and feathers like a headless chicken. I remember nothing more.
    9. Before a test.

      by , 01-03-2013 at 12:58 AM
      I am in school (in Cuba), in A college or something like a university. There is going to be a test about physics, but I reason that I have not attended all the classes and I'm not ready. I am approached by girl in a short green dress and we exchanged a few words that I do not remember. Then she walks toward a kind of balcony with brown slabs but no balcony railings. It is a colonial building and the height is like a multi-story building. I went out to the balcony and the height gives me vertigo. I warn the girl to leave the balcony but she does not listen. Suddenly the scene changes for no reason and I see myself approaching the facade of a house. There is a door and two windows and I realize I'm dreaming, but I wake up immediately.
    10. Back in jail in cuba.

      by , 12-30-2012 at 05:07 PM
      This is the dream that with slight variations has been repeated for years. These are dreams that are classified as anxiety dreams. Last night, the dream began with the fact that I was again accused by the authorities in Cuba of doing something against the government. I could not remember doing anything . Supposedly according to the dream, I should stay six months in prison and then I was worried about losing my job here in America. Some nurses were trying to examine me and I began arguing about the lack of rights in Cuba. At that point I woke up. This is a non lucid dream that has been repeated many times with slight variations. In spite of having been repeated so many times I have never become ludid in them.
    11. Ships and storm.

      by , 12-16-2012 at 10:11 PM
      I'm walking and approach a sort of harbor. Just in front of me there are two huge boats. Everything happens quickly, the boats start moving to the left at high speed. The water is deep blue and the wind is blowing in swirls accompanied by rain. I try to avoid the impact of ships and run parallel to them. Bruce appears at this time, a friend of mine. We just try to run and get away from the place and suddenly the whole scene disappears and we're running down a street in my hometown in Cuba. All nonsense, a group of women go through us and I ask them where they come from but they did not answer me. We approach a small bridge that only allows two people at once. Below the bridge the water is green and covered with algae. Bruce has disappeared and I struck up a conversation with one of the ladies. I explain that we are dreaming and she seems not to understand. But this dream was not lucid at all. I wake up at that time.
      Tags: rain, ship, water, wind
    12. Travelling in israel.

      by , 12-14-2012 at 01:28 AM
      For some reason I am in Israel. I talk to a couple of girls in a bus stop, then I'm walking and I tell a middle-aged man that I need to go to dowtown. This man tells me thah I should go right through a dirt path surrounded by bushes, he tells me it's nice and I compare mentally with my city in Cuba that is not so rural . We arrive at a center that is like a museum and then we approach a glass wall in front of a building. The same person call 911? or the police and tells me that there is a dead Indian across the glass. The body is long and blue. The man ask me to enter a Delivery Address. For some reason I can not write on a paper that I took out of my wallet, then he gives me a piece of paper, and later he praise my writing but I can not find a space to write correctly. Then the police come and pick up the corpse, someone pulls pictures with a camera and it's time to return. The guy tells me I could have free shelter in the temple museum. Then we are in a kind of classroom where English is taught , I'm in front of the classroom when a bearded old gentleman offers me a wafer that I reject and ask for my nationality. I respond that I'm Cuban and then he looks at me with disdain as imagining that I am not a believer. I wake up.

      Sorry for my english.

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