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    Just a bunch of Non-LDs

    by , 11-12-2011 at 01:35 PM (583 Views)
    Had 4 dreams or so. 2 I remember, one I vaguely remember, one I barely remember. Oh well, gonna write them.

    Note: All of these were after a failed WBTB.

    In this dream, I was in a car with my family. We were riding to somewhere, I dunno where, I didn't try too look at through the window. I was in the back seat. I looked at the window to see a cocoon. It was yellow, and really nasty. Then, something started going out of it. Since I was scared, I went to the front seat, so it isn't near me, just to find another cocoon was on the window of the front seat. It was the same color and everything. Then, a bee, a hornet or a wasp. Probably a wasp. I was scared...

    "Dad, kill that thing!"

    My dad was driving. He commented sometyhing about how he always has to do these things. He hit the wasp going out of the cocoon. All the sticky yellow liquid splashed on the window. It was really gross... The wasp was still moving. It was hit, but not dead, yet. My dad hit it with something again, and some more of the gross liquid flew over, and the wasp was still moving... This was the end of the dream...

    Yep, that was one of the dreams... Now to the second, which has anime-like graphics. In fact, it was probably a slightly mutated Naruto dream.

    A group of ninjas were walking, and in the dream, I swore I thought how it was from the Hidden Village of the Clouds (See Naruto if you dunno what it is). The group was confronted by another type of ninjas. These had a different outfit from the first, and had purple cristals all through their body. I guess, in the dream, this was a special Kekkei Genkai (Again, watch Naruto to know what this is). They seemed to be allies.

    Suddenly, one guy of the first group attacked a purple cristal guy. Everything next in the dream concentrated on the two of them. The first guy made energy attacks from his palms. He would swing his arm and a giant energy wave would get out. The cristal guy just dodged his attacks. Then they talked about something. It seemed as the first person was trying to tell him what should he do, but the other just didn't listen, so he fought him as a way to change his mind. The End...

    Note: I don't know if this Naruto dream was a fragment or not, but I definitely only remember this part clearly. I also remember that somewhere in the dream, with two swords, I slashed enemies, but I dunno if it is a part of the ninja dream.

    And, a small fragment I can't say I really remember.

    I was on dreamviews, or some other LD-related site. There, I read about WILD. In reality, there is only WILD and DILD, all others are subtypes of these, but in the dream, I remember reading of WILD as a subtype of another LD-incuding technique along DEILD. Anddd, that's all I can remember.

    I would rather not tell about the images from the other dreams I had, since I remember them only vaguely. I guess that's all for today.

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