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    Two memorable non-lucids.

    by , 11-01-2011 at 05:19 PM (479 Views)
    I'm emptying my bladder, and seem to miss the toilet a lot <_< Just then, a commercial for a toothbrush appears. As it says, the tooth brush comes in a pack of two tooth brushes, has some laser additions, and it costs 599 Euros (or something like that). I come to a store which sells it. I have 515 euros with me and am talking to the cashier, and she takes the 515 euros thinking I want to buy the toothbrush. I am explaining her I don't.

    Suddenly, I hear an annoying nose. Oh, right, it's my alarm... I wanna WILD. I check the time, 5:30. Okay. Oh, yeah, I dreamt something (I remember the dream). Cool, so I'm in my REM phase! This might work.

    (I go to the bathroom and then drink some water. I go to bet then, trying to not move and WILD. However, I am just too tired and I fall asleep again)

    Suddenly, I'm in my school with a girl from my class next to me. We are on the left side of a hall. We race to the other side and we are really close, but I still have the upper hand (Which wasn't really realistic, since she's the fastest girl in the grade). On different stages of the hall, if I remember clearly, there were rings you should pass. I open the door at the end and win. I can't really know if there was anyone in that classroom, but whatever. In a flash, I'm on my language class and I ask my teacher if I can leave it since I have another race in five minutes. She seems a bit hestitant, but still lets me. I run to the side of the hall where I had the first race and see a few friends (I think there were three, but only recognized two). I run to the starting line and barely make it. I start later, and even if I run as fast as I can, I can't get close to the other race participants.

    At this point, I can't remember if my dream finished or my mum called me to go to school, but I know the second race wasn't finished. And if I was more motivated, I could've used this REM time to do stuff, but, as it seems, I just didn't have the willpower. I must train it

    I also don't know if this was everything of the dreams, it might've been a fragment, but I don't remember anything else.

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