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    Dragon Space Ship!

    by , 07-06-2014 at 01:19 PM (314 Views)
    A large dragon is terrorizing some of my friends, spewing oil everywhere, and breathing fire to ignite the oil. I realize I'm dreaming, and think this is actually a pretty fun situation to play around with. I start to fly after the dragon, who is less bold than earlier and takes off flying away from me. I tail it, flying faster than I've every flown before. The scenery starts to blur as I pick up speed. The dragon turns into a space ship and starts to go even faster while shooting lazers at me. I dodge the lasers and follow it for a while, eventually getting bored at the chase, lasers and all.

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    lucid , memorable


    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      I love it when LD's get over-the-top like this! Good job.