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    Sentenced to Death

    by , 10-27-2012 at 04:33 AM (322 Views)
    Over 10 years ago.

    Dreamed that I was in an infinite bright white space (kind of like the Matrix simulator). There was a large white statue of a horse wildly rearing up and though it was motionless, I felt that it was alive.

    As I approached, monk like beings cloaked in white robes began to gather around. I remember trying to speak to a few of them but they formed groups and whispered amongst themselves. Then I noticed one that was different than the rest. He was slightly taller than, had more power and was to ultimately decide what was done with me.

    The being came too me and I felt evil in him and a sense that he was the celestial equivalent of an emperor. I could not see his face but I knew that he had decided that my fate was to die.

    Just then the horse grasped me with his front legs lifting me up off the ground and squeezed. No matter how I tried I could not free myself and the pain and panic was growing. I couldn't breath and soon became woozy and the world darkened. After that was a black nothingness.
    There was existence but I had no sense of self or any other thought.

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